HvZ @ ANU is no longer being organised – our last game was in 2010. If you are inspired to bring the game back please do! These pages are left for historical/nostalgic purposes, and as a resource for anyone looking to run their own games.

We were the first HvZ game run in Australia and our players remember HvZ as one of the most memorable and awesome parts of their time at university. Our memories of HvZ remind us how important fun (and zombies) really are.


Ahem. Welcome to the official website of Humans vs Zombies (HvZ) @ ANU! We are a large student club at the Australian National University dedicated to playing the outdoor tag game known as Humans vs Zombies. HvZ is one of the most entertaining and exciting games (sports) you can play on campus. It’s not only tons of fun but also a great way to make lots of friends, explore the campus, and even get some exercise!


In short, HvZ is an elaborate game of gang-up tag which lasts a week. Nerf blasters are used to fight the zombie hoard and special missions are run by moderators to make the week unforgettable. The entire game is run through our forums which have private team discussions and the report a kill form. Our club runs HvZ games at the start of each semester. We also run lots of small events all year from Nerf Wars, to Laser Tag to Zombie Movie nights. Anyone can play, you don’t even need to be an ANU student! Click the link above to sign up!

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Humans vs Zombies