Armageddon Week

This week is armageddon bush week. A suitable title as our game will be commencing in less than a week! The mods and executive are running around like mad to get everything ready. This weekend bandanas were cut up, meetings had, items bought and kill cards created. As of this afternoon our new registration system is fully online – so you can expect a much more streamlined and simple process than last time :) . Extra work has gone into our new “safety meeting video” which you will get to see at your safety meeting. This video will cover the core rules of the game – speeding up the meeting and making it more engaging. Not to mention the fact that after the video you will get the first secrets of the coming game described to you.

We are also very happy to announce that we have managed to secure three extra safety meeting times during the day. Two on wednesday (so you can easily go to our stall, then head to a safety meeting before getting involved in our Zombie Apocalypse game that night!) and one on friday. You can see the full list of meetings here:

They are as follows:

1. Wednesday 21/07/10
12:00pm (midday)
Ian Ross Seminar Room

2. Wednesday 21/07/10
Ian Ross Seminar Room

3. Friday 23/07/10
12:00pm (midday)
ANUCBE (College of Business and Economics) (New Building) LT 1

We have also released the new and updated version of the rules on the Rules Page , please go through it again to familiarise yourself with the rules. The changes are mostly what has already been anounced.

Its all happening – get excited!

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