Day 1: Ground Zero

In the early afternoon of the 25th of July, 2010 strange occurrences started happening on the ANU campus. Weird reports of violent attacks were starting to filter through, but it was impossible to tell if these were simply hoaxes or real ordeals. The victims of such attacks never reported the incidents to the police and no action was taken. However within a short amount of time the attacks had risen in frequency and the situation was promptly identified by not only the police, but also the military.

Videos started leaking onto youtube and other sources showing people drinking the new energy drink “Revive” in addition to a new pill developed by ANU’s own Professor Moriartium. The pills are not currently available on the world market and have been going through their final stages of testing on volunteers at the ANU. The untested combination of the pills and drinks seemed to trigger… something in the person who drank them, causing them to go into what seemed to be an uncontrollable rage. It also seems that the condition of the drinkers is imparted on their victims as those seen attacked have later been seen to be attacking other individuals.

In a quick response to the threat the Australian government took measures to quarantine the ANU campus, building a rough perimeter around the entire area and refusing all traffic in or out of the area. This blockade has largely be kept a secret from the public by a media blackout the government has enforced by taking control of all major news reporting stations in the country. In completely unrelated news the creators of “Revive” have donated a very large sum of money to the Australian government in support of their all around good job in the country.

Despite the media blackout and the speed at which these events have taken place some individuals outside of the zone have been attempting to spread the word through their own vigilante filming. So far however they are being followed by naught but internet conspiracy theorists.

Locked inside the zone are a large portion of ANU’s student population and a large number of nearby residents and even academics (including the notable Professor Moriartium herself). A notable inclusion in those trapped inside is the famous traveling “Madame Mystique”, a practitioner of “Voodoo” magic – hailing all the way from New Orleans. This mysterious lady has as of yet not been able to be contacted despite the effort of her agents. Future shows have yet to be cancelled.

During the night, groups of students descended on the campus searching for the pills and drinks which have caused the strange behaviour so far. Whether they want to use the pills themselves, or simply mean to prevent the outbreak from spreading further is unknown. There have also been indications that already money has lost value within the quarantine zone and that both barter and a strange new form of currency known as “escapium” is being used. 

Is this entire event just an overblown response to a mildly harmless threat, or is this the start of something much more sinister?

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