Day 1: Photos and OZs

Following the strange occurrences of the night before, humans flooded into the center of campus from all of their hiding places as the sun rose. At first it seemed as if perhaps their rabid friends, now affectionately known as Zombies, might be allergic to the light. But this proved not  to be the case and soon straggling humans were getting picked off and were joining the growing shamble.

Those humans who remained did so with significant paranoia. Every human was reguarly checked for strange behaviour and in this way coordinated groups of humans were able to ensure no one amongst their midst had taken the pills and drinks.

It was not long before the humans were contacted by the, now somewhat infamous, Professor Moriartium – creator of the pill which was causing such trouble. The professor it appears is doing research into the undead and asked the humans for photos which would aid in her science. In return for these photos she promised to help the humans discover who the original zombies were. The humans were quick to get on this job, but before long they found another one.

The travelling “celebrity” Madame Mystique sent out her own public message. She claimed that through a voodoo ritual she would be able to get the humans information on the original zombies which would speed up the scientist’s revelation. To conduct such a ritual she needed the humans to bring her a set of pills and drink, a scarf item from one of the first zombies and some special herbs which grow in neither night or light.

After a lot of searching and scheming the humans managed to arrive, albeit late, to see Madame Mystique and give her two of the items. They had been unable to find the herbs and this failure made the Voodoo Queen rather annoyed. Despite her annoyance she gave them an envelope with what information she could muster. Humans at the mission were also rewarded with some escapites given out at random. As a result of missing one of the items Moriartium would only be able to figure out who the original zombies were by 5:00pm. Of course that pended entirely on the humans getting the photo mission complete – which they seemed to be falling short of.

As the day continued the zombies were given a formidable advantage in the form of free voodoo charms and necklaces. Nonetheless they were having trouble getting past the well organised human squads. As 5:00pm got closer and closer the humans picked up their game and managed to both find escapium and finish the photo mission. Professor Moriartium managed to communicate that the humans should meet her near South Oval by 5:00pm. The humans split into various groups to and slowly made their way there. The first human group to arrive was there before 5:00pm, however the envelope did not arrive until after the deadline.

After waiting for the scientific machinery to warm up the original zombies were finally revealed to the humans and these individuals were quickly removed from the main group. At this point the sun was going down again and the humans split up to look for safe places to sleep for the night. Since the quarantine was announced no news of the outside world has filtered in. Humans who strayed towards the edge of campus noticed that the rough barricade formed initially had been replaced by a newly built high fence, which appeared to be patrolled and which spanned all of campus. No information about the mysterious postman has come up since then either….

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