Days 2 and 3

The past couple of days have been long and hard ones for the survivors inside the quarantine zone at ANU. As of yet they are still completely isolated from the outside world and have been forced to deal with all the issues and problems they have been facing on their own. The humans and zombies are fighting over the appraisal and help of powerful neutral figures in their community – but will this really help their cause, or are they just furthering personal agendas?

Tuesday began with a much larger zombie hoard than the night before, apparently the humans had been far too relaxed about  destroying the pills and drinks and a bunch of new zombies had formed from those humans who just couldn’t take it anymore. This increased number of zombies made life much harder for the humans and soon their numbers started falling as swarms of zombies picked them off, one by one.

During the light hours of their second day in quarantine the humans attempted to solve riddles at the request of the Voodoo Queen, Madame Mystique. She requested items which were hidden at the end of these riddles which would help her in a ritual she was preparing. The humans were slow to gather the items and the Voodoo Queen quickly became annoyed at them, but they managed to find them all before time ran out, including the ritual book she needed.

That night the voodoo queen met with the humans and asked them to move in five groups to different sections of the university. The pattern of their formation helped channel her energies and when they all came together in chiefly meadows she was finally ready for her great ritual. However misfortune struck the humans as the zombies focussed in on one of their groups – managing to break their lines and kill the majority of them. Nonetheless the humans completed the mission successfully in the end.

The next request however was a surprise. Mystique requested a single human “sacrifice” to be made as part of her ritual. This lone champion would have to fight off the hoard of zombies to survive – embodying pure heroism. Part of this however was that the humans had to move away – enjoying temporary immunity while her ritual was conducted. Little did they know that she was actually experimenting on things far more sinister. The human sacrifice died as expected – but instead of coming back as a zombie – remained a human. But this was no cure, he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing – controlled by the voodoo queen. This test subject proved to her that she could in fact control zombies…

After a night of fitful sleeping the humans were yet again thrown into the battlefield that has become their life over the last few days. It has been only 3 days since the first outbreak of this… condition… yet it feels like years have passed. Its amazing how fast continuous stress can age the body and the mind. However they were to receive no rest as they go a message from a new individual.

To their surprise this individual was Kaplan Thornhill himself. Why he is here or even how he got in here is a mystery, but he seems intent on staying. His first request was to be led to the shop, to meet the shop keeper. A group of humans attempted to escort him to gain his favour – but their lines broke and many of them started to fall to the larger zombie group. The survivors of these attacks decided to flee rather than wait for their inevitable deaths. As a result Kaplan was escorted the rest of the way by zombies – giving Kaplan not a particularly good view of the humans. The zombies were surprised to see quite a spectacle when they got to the shop though. Kaplan, rather than meeting with the shopkeeper, simply shot him. He has now taken over the store and introduced a series of new items for sale…

Following this he gave the humans another chance to redeem themselves. He gave them the locations of 3 “EMP” bombs. These EMPs were to be used that night, though for what reason the humans didn’t know. Kaplan later revealed that they were in fact to be used to attack the scientists Moriartium’s experiments – which he claimed were the first steps in building “zombie beacons”. The humans, feeling betrayed by Moriaritum complied with his request and set out in the night to destroy the three locations of Moriartium’s experiments. The zombies tried to stop this to gain the proffessors favour, but the humans were able to complete the mission with a slither of time remaining. During the entire day Mystique’s controlled zombie had been feeding back information from the humans to the zombies, and in the night he finally reached the strength to possibly take out a human. This did not happen however as the humans were very disciplined in stunning each other. In the night his identity was revealed as Antony and he became a full zombie.

A lot has happened inside campus and human numbers are starting to dwindle. Can they survive the plague among them? Is Kaplan really helping them, or is he lying? And what is the Voodoo Queen doing now, as she has faded from the limelight. And who is The Postman? Only time will tell.

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