Days 4 and 5

As the week drew on the human’s fate look less and less certain. Their numbers had been dropping steadily by the day and their expeditions out of safety were frequently ending in heavy casualties. In response they slowed their participation in such activities – this has unfortunately left them in a position where they might not have completed enough objectives to have a chance of escape. Their window of opportunity is quickly disappearing – but they still have some hope.

The fourth day started with a plea of help from Moriartium. Yesterday the humans had sabotaged her experiments – only to later find out that this was all part of Kaplan’s plans to delay their escape so he could make money.¬†Moriartium asked the humans to set up an observation station so she could observe zombie behaviour – but sadly for her no humans came to help. She was forced to set it up herself and has not forgiven the humans for this since. Kaplan got a whiff of Moriartium’s plans however and set out to disrupt them. This time he enlisted the help of the zombies – getting them to act erratically, meaning Moriartium couldn’t get proper behavioural data. The zombies were very successful in this task, to the point where Moriartium was considering abandoning her research all together.

Meanwhile a squad vs squad territorial dispute was raging across campus. Throughout the day squads competed against each other and the zombies for control of special territories. Global Warming and Paranoia in Pajenka’s each captured one territory – but the zombies denied the humans the other two.

By nightfall Moriartium decided to give the humans one last chance to prove themselves. She asked the humans to help guide in a shipment of her equipment which was essential for her research. The humans were required to solve a puzzle of where the colourful beacons should go to help the pilot navigate a successful landing. This puzzle proved to be incredibly challenging for the humans due to a very small turnout of supporters and although the shipment made it in the end, Moriartium was not at all pleased.

The next day all seemed quiet. Little was heard of Kaplan, Moriartium or the long distant Voodoo Queen. They each seem to be planning something – what no one knows. From the borders of the campus the high walls look all the more threatening and strange noises can be heard coming across them – but what they are no one knows. Communication with the outside world is still sketchy at best and little is known about what is happening out there.

Today the humans and zombies had a little bit of R&R in the gym, a full safe zone. A bunch of mini-games were run. The first was called sharpshooter and involved each human having to survive progressively larger rounds of zombie attacks while standing in a small circle with only 6 shots of ammo. After enough people had a go a final game was run with two humans and double the zombies. Next up a giant 9 way squad war was held where each squad got all its members (zombies and humans alike) armed them up and had a massive death match. Following on from this two events were run simultaneously. The first was a best of three knockout tournament between the squads (and a no-squad team). The tournament competition was fierce, but in the end the final came down to  Global Warming vs Paranoia in Pajenkas. The first round of the final was close with a slim win to PiP, but the second was a firm victory Рleaving the undefeated champions as PiP. The other game involved humans running between lines trying to stay alive. A final round of this game was run where the humans put their lives on the line for escapium. Two humans died in the process, but the human team achieved 4 escapium in total.

The rest of the day went silently until the night. Zombies and humans alike were disturbed from their sleep and unsleep respectively by the sound of engine jets. Military plane streaked across campus and a rain of bombs followed them. Soon the campus was alight the hundreds of explosions and fires which had burst out of the darkness. The casualties were innumerable – but it was clear that this was a preliminary sweep – there would be more, it was just a matter of time. As part of the bombing all of the bridges on campus save union bridge were destroyed entirely – making them impassable.

Both humans and zombies face an uncertain future. The Postman has warned them of a final purging of the area and its only a matter of time. Something has to happen if either side wishes to survive, their only hope lies in alliance with the dominant characters so far. Who will they choose to side with and how will they escape this apocalypse? Or will they simply all burn alive in the fires of progress.

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