Day 2: Sometimes there are Zombies


Today started early, with Paranoia in Panjenkas rolling out at 7am in response to information they gained through the radio broadcast and Richard Pywell’s PiP team’s completion of the black box special mission.

By 7:30 the PiP scouts had found all 3 flags, and had the radio in a safe spot after its overnight trip off-campus.  With no zombie sightings, it appears the enthusiastic squad got a head start on the somnolent zombies.

The Vaccine was sold out when the shop openned this morning – buyer unknown.  The shopkeeper refused to give any information on his customer.

PiP and Global Warming teamed up to listen to the morning radio broadcast with their shared radio.  With unexpected speed, PiP members Will, Kevin, Anthony and Oliver proceeded to complete special radio-broadcast coffee mission with speed, style and panache – arriving to give the shopkeeper steaming hot coffee.  For a better description, see tales of war.


PiP managed to obtain 4 escapium and Zen managed to obtain 1.

The shop opened again at 1400h on university avenue.  The zombies were the first to spot it, however didn’t have any escapium they wanted to trade, so camped out in hopes of human victims arriving to trade.

Humans soon arrived, however managed to make it safely to the shop.  Oliver Thearle, a member of Paranoia In Panjenkas, traded an escapium for the ham sandwich then left – somehow sprinting straight through the Zombie ring.  He left behind him a few team members; Richard Pywell, Anthony Jurd and Will Bonney.


After many anxious minutes on the part of these besieged humans, a rescue mission composed of multiple squads arrived.  Andrew Burgess traded another PiP escapium for a Black Box.

Surprisingly, the humans then managed to get back to panjenkas with no losses as the zombies appear scared of the overwhelming force and hung back watching for stragglers.

Today we mourn Sockman – you were a legend in your time.

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