Night 2: Invasion of the Night

The incredible Captain Joe organised supply drops for the humans today at 1930h.  He had previously marked these points with flags that the humans had found.  There were drop points at Law, at Copland and at Chem.


Members of PiP, Kevin Larkin, Richard Pywell, Oliver Thearle, Will Bonney, Geoff stacy and Anthony Jurd, collected the supplies dropped at Copland, quickly moving to meet Captain Joe at the chifley meadows.  Law was taken  by Bandages, and Chem by H1N1 and Zen working together.  A massed group of squads stayed in reserve, ready to run to wherever needed.

The supplies from Chem caused some concern, as they were the last to arrive, but eventually they came in and then the reserve humans made their way to meet their Captain on Chifley meadows.


Meanwhile the Zombies had not been inactive.  They met their leader and creator, William Sullivan, on the bridge outside union court over the creek named for him.  He then sent them out to find the invaders and kill them.  This culminated in a meeting of humans and Zombies on Chifley meadows.


The two leaders met briefly and came to an agreement, contingent on the agreement of the humans.  The supplies were to be turned over to the zombies in exchange for the stunning of all zombies for 2 minutes.  This agreement never came to pass as after discussion it was decided that Bruce, Zen and PiP would each take one of the supply drops and keep them and the humans would fight as best they could through the zombies.  Thus was war declared.


Sullivan left to mobilise his zombies and soon the Humans moved out.  With zombies following close behind, the mass of humanity headed for safety in an almost abandoned carpark.  To the disappointment of the Brain Hungry Zombies, they found safety there.

I believe some humans then went for alcoholic refreshment, but came back on campus where some of their number fell, including Richard Pywell to Alistair Newman.

Today we mourn Sockman.

Once more I advise you to visit

for laughs and a quick update on cool kills.

The Kill topics are also good to read – a quick tip is those with replies are probably more worth reading.  My pick of the day is although you have to scroll down a couple of posts to get the story of the kill.  It’s a nicely told and rather amusing story so check it out.

Congrats to Remy on his cool costume!


This is Rachel, Over and OUT.

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