Day 4: Zombie Zombie BRAIN

Today there was no location given with the escapium, although much thought was put into the fact that E’s were capitalised in the notification.  Despite the lack of location, the zombies rapidly acquired two. The mission this morning was to answer questions set by the historian.  These sent both humans and zombies running all over campus.  I’m sure many people learnt more about campus than they did before – I for one never knew there were any elephants in forestry and now know there is one.  I know the question about the spirit level was difficult as it involved going right to the furthest reaches of the campus – or using google earth. However, while all questions were fantastic and interesting, question 11 about the donors has to be my favourite; “Let the Dead teach the Living.”

zombie leader organising minions for first mission

zombie leader organising minions for first mission

The Zombies managed to aquire 2 escapium today, and the humans at least one despite not knowing where they were.  I believe a couple of people solved the riddle of the E’s, but not in a way that gained them escapium.

In the afternoon opening of the shop the zombies got there first and quickly set up an ambush expecting humans to attempt to make it to the shop to spend their escapium.  Sadly for the enthusiastic zombies, no humans actually fell into their trap.  However the trap was very well set and if any human can tell me how many zombies are in the photo below and where there might be a reward.

hiding zombies

Today the excellent zombie organisation continued, with zombies organising shifts to keep Myles pinned in CSIT for over 8 hours.  Myles has posted a portion of his story in the short annecdotes section of tales of war, but I advise you to bug him for the details of his escape as they are well worth listening to (sorry Myles – but you should have told it properly!).

myles seige

The night mission was not the most successful of missions – the sprinklers interrupted us – however I’m sure the humans were happy as I believe they lost less than 5 members, and all going to and from the mission.  My favourite part of the night mission was watching a game of “Zombie, Zombie, BRAINS” – the HvZ version of “Duck, Duck, GOOSE”

The Zombies at Night Mission

The Zombies at Night Mission

I’d like to give Myles congratulations on having such tasty brains that zombies were willing to wait for 8 hours to taste them, and for escaping from them.

The other person who truly deserves special note tonight is Renee (I’m sorry if I spelt it wrong) who finally fell to a horde of zombies.  She was alone and armed with only a maverick and socks and vastly outnumbered yet managed to stun four zombies before her tasty brains were devoured.

Congratulations to all those humans on the gourmet cuisine list today – not one of you died!

Finally, how much is a nerf dart worth? More to some than others….

Retrieving Darts

Retrieving Darts

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