Day 5: Yummy yummy jam…

While today was gloomy, grim and awful – the weather that is – the zombies were still active and working on their mission.  They went all over campus looking for the tastiest sort of jam for zombies – gun jam.  There were 8 jam jars to find, and four clues given.  One of these was the international sculpture garden which caused extended groans from all zombies present.  Eventually the zombies located all 8.  Richard Pywell personally found 2, and everyone in the photos personally found the Gun Jam they carry.

Humans on the other hand started the day in a different manner – drinking in panjenkas.  Andrew and Josh celebrated their continued survival by taking advantage of panjenkas liquor license and started drinking at 10am.

hvz summer2010 002

The most important part of the humans day was getting to the shop.  This was sadly easy as the zombies didn’t find it for some time, and there were many safe zones within feet of the shop as it was undercover due to weather.

Sadly the night mission was postponed due to rain.

Special mention goes to Jamie, who, with a tek10 and 2 socks, held off and successfully stunned 11 zombies.  You are awesome man.

Another special mention has to go to the siege-master Myles.  He was sieged in panjenkas today, and finally had to leave because it was closing.  He finally died and now there is a presidential zombie.  See for more details.

Also of interest  Well done Rob, you took a risk and it paid off.

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