Goodbye, Good Luck and Remember to Vote!

Hello all!  This will be my last post as executive for documentation as the AGM is being held today at 6pm.  Please all come along as this is the perfect opportunity to have your say in the club.

We have many talented people running for positions on the executive this year.  They are:

President (

Glen Rodgers (Who played Sullivan in the last game).  His experience as a mod, his enthusiasm and his ability to definitely stay for the entire term are all great reasons to vote for him!

Chris Carter (The guy with the hat).  Chris won runner up human for his organisational skills within his own squad and with the humans in general, made valuable contributions to the Marketing team and has a lot of leadership experience, giving many good reasons to vote for him as president.

Secretary (

Rachel Keith (Myself – the one with the big camera).  Rachel brings previous experience on the HvZ executive, dedication, enthusiasm and obvious writing skills from her daily write-ups.  Since this is awkward writing about myself when I have to try and be unbiased, just vote for me.  I will be available for the full term and am very dedicated.  Basically  I’m awesome.

Glen Rodgers (Also standing for president and treasurer) Glen brings experience as a moderator, great enthusiasm and was a contributor to the documentation team.  He is enthusiastic and dedicated to the club.  He’s also awesome. :D

Eddy Davis (Engineering Moderator)  Eddy made great contributions to the moderator team (which I believe he is running for again) last year through his mechanical devices.  He’s enthusiastic, awesome and fun.  Again, Awesomeness.

Chris Carter (Also running for President and Marketing)  Chris has a lot of leadership experience which presumably includes doing the paperwork, and is definitely enthusiastic about the club.  Sadly he may be moving overseas at the end of the scholastic year.  He has an awesome hat.  :P

Treasurer (

Anthony Voutas (Curly-Haired Moderator) Anthony is the only person to have moderated both games and was also the Secretary for HvZ last year.  He has a lot of experience with the club and is very dedicated to it.  He’s basically fantastic.

Glen Rodgers (Also running for President and Secretary) I’ve already written about glen twice, and can’t think of anything new to say.

Richard Pywell (Zombie Leader) Richard was the best zombie last game, winning it for both participation and leadership.  He also has previous treasurer experience in his YAA uni group.  He also works as school’s officer for Orienteering ACT.  He’s ok.  :P   Despite being in his final year he plans to stay in Canberra after he finishes uni and believes he can stay dedicated to the club for the entire term.

Marketting (

Joe Craddy (Captain Joe) Joe was our cape-wearing human leader in the first game,and our cape wearing moderator in the second.  He is in his final year of a marketing degree and did a lot with our marketing team last term.  He certainly think’s he’s awesome, and I tend to agree with him.  :D  He will be finishing uni this year, but plans to stay in Canberra and believes he can remain dedicated to the club for his entire term.

Chris Carter (also running for president and secretary) Chris also made great contributions to our marketing team last term.  Other than that, I’ve written about him twice already.  He may be leaving at the end of this scholastic year.

Documentation (

Myles O’Neil (previous club president, club founder) Myles is extremely dedicated to the club, after all he started it.  He made summary videos for both games and is always involved in everything.  He doesn’t need much of a push as atm he’s the only one running… Also, I think everyone knows him by now.

So come along and vote for … me?   :P

Come along and vote for the people you think would be best for your club.  Hopefully all the applicants will get an opportunity to introduce themselves to you in person at the meeting so you can put faces to the names, although there are photos in the application threads.  Before voting, please also read the applicant questions thread (   Please feel free to post more questions to this thread – and if they don’t get answered before the AGM hopefully there will be a question time at the AGM.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the AGM.  Remember, 6pm tonight!  Come and help make HvZ stay AWESOME.


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