Back from the Dead

Well news has been a little quiet of late, but thats all going to change. After the election (in last post) the following positions were elected:

President – Chris Carter
Secretary – Rachel Keith
Treasurer – Anthony Voutas
Exec for Marketing – Joe Craddy
Exec for Documentation – Myles O’Neill

Which of course means that I (Myles) am now in charge of the news. This works rather well as I’m also the one running and maintaining the website. So what has happened since the election?

Following up on his election promises, president Chris Carter has thus far instigated two Nerf Wars events – both of which have been huge successes. We hope to run more of these and there is a high chance an event will be run during bush week next semester, just before our next game.


Which brings us to the next exciting piece of news, we have a new set of moderators working hard on our Winter 2010 game which will be on during week 2 this semester. A lot of work has gone into this so far and follow the news closely as I’ll be trying to give you some sneak peaks on what they are up to ;) . In preparation for the next game we’ve gone through and updated the website further, with a lot of improvements specifically on the forums/game-engine. Thing such as a memberlist which sorts properly, a kill form which works on IE7, and a new simplified registration process which will make everything easier!

Across the country we have seen the spread of HvZ games and to help document it our club has set up our own national website at Notably a massive city-wide game with ~6000 casual players was run in Melbourne and our club has been in close communication with a group running small games at CSU in Wagga Wagga.

So lots going on in the world of HvZ and you can expect everything to get more exciting as we head toward our next game. I’ll endeavour to keep you updated on everything behind the scenes – but in the mean time just keep following us on facebook or the forums.

And good luck with semester results being posted tomorrow everyone!

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