Safety Meetings, Updates and Poems

What a busy week it has been. Holidays for everyone, but the HvZ team has been hard at work to get the next game ready to go. So what exciting things have gone down this week?

Safety Meetings

Today safety meetings were finally confirmed! Remember that to play in our second game you will need to attend one of these compulsory meetings. The times are as follows:

1. Wednesday 21/07/10

2. Thursday 22/07/10

3. Friday 23/07/10

4. Saturday 24/07/10

5. Sunday 25/07/10

You can see the full announcement here:

Game Details

The other big announcement this week was on a whole series of game details. This game a few changes have been made to the rules in the hopes of encouraging more engaging, fun and fair play. Here are a few of the highlights:

1. 10 Minute Global Stun Time

2. OZs can Shoot Weapons

It was also announced that the bandanna colour this game will be yellow!

See the full announcement here:


Signing Up

As the game approaches what we really want people to do is sign up. Last game the process was a little tricky, but we’ve been working hard to make the whole thing simpler. Now all you need to do is have an account on the forums and attend a safety meeting – what could be easier!

Check out our new sign up page here: Sign Up

We have also opened up the application process for OZ, so if you are keen check out the instructions here:

Finally, squad registration is still open to any group of 5-30 players, so if you want to start your own or join one check it out on the forums!

Getting Excited

There are 10 days to go until the next game – thats ridiculously close, and quite a scary date for the mods. But its time to get excited. Its time to dust off those nerf guns and maybe get a bit fitter. During Bush Week, in addition to running safety meetings, we will also have a stall which you should drop by to. On Wednesday night we have planned an exciting HvZ-mission-esque event called Zombie Apocalypse this is a great chance to get back into the feel of things – and its open to the public, so bring any friends you have who are on the borderline!

Finally if you want to relive memories from past games, we’ve finally updated the past games section of the website, and added a ton of photos from past games to our facebook group.

10 more days, start counting down…


A Poem

Finally, we have a poem composed by our club member Demetris for the game, quite appropriate I think:

Death is a disease.

By: Demetris Bertzeletos

Death is a liberation they say,
To those weak and weary
To those ill and desperate
He is freedom unconditioned

But when to a disease he turns
A prison he becomes,
Not one gilded, not one decent
But a mockery, a curse

Now his wraith returns
Be it mad scientist
Or man unholy.
He comes;

And everything touched will wilt.
All sound of life
All memories of man
All shall perish

Yet fools come to resist the quickening he brings

From what was, what is and what will be
From here, there and far away
They come,
And the risen nightmares attempt to quell

With bright arms they greet him
With smiles they salute him
With defiance they’ll call his name
Let their fires grow bright
And his chill chase away…
…For a while longer

While he waits
While they ponder
They know he is the road to awe

One by one the fires cold shall grow
One by one their numbers shall dwindle
One by one those remaining shall mourn
Shall despair

Shall die

For everything has to…

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