Sign Up

Sign up to HvZ is quick and painless, just follow the following steps! If you have any problems signing up contact us at .

Please Note:

  • You must sign up for yourself, signing up on behalf or someone else is not allowed
  • You must be 16 years or older to participate in HvZ games
  • Each game will cost $5 to participate in (paid at safety meeting)
  • You do NOT have to be an ANU student to play in HvZ games

Three Sign Up Steps

  1. Become a Club Member / Register on Website
  2. Attend a Safety Meeting
  3. Pay $5 and Receive Game Items

Step 1: Registering Online

You must become a member of the club to play in our HvZ games, you can do so by agreeing to our liability disclaimer/photo consent form and then by filling in an information form here:

Please note that you will need to validate your account through the email address you provide before you are fully registered.

Step 2: Attending a Safety Meeting

Before each game we run compulsory safety meetings in which we go over all the rules and explain how the game will be run. Please note that there are no exceptions to safety meeting attendance – if you are unable to attend a meeting you will be unable to play the game. Check the news page for the next game’s safety meeting times, or ask on the forums. Safety meetings times usually go up a couple of weeks before each semester begins.

Step 3: Pay and Get Game Items

At the end of the safety meeting we will get everyone to line up and pay the $5 each game costs. On paying you will be given your game bandanna, 1 kill card (to give to the zombie who kills you) and one player card. We will then scan your player card and attach the code on it to your username, activating your account for the game. Once thats done you are ready to play!

There will also be a chance after this to have any modified weapons you have tested for safety, all modified weapons must be tested.