Here are some videos from Humans vs Zombies – they are a great way to get an inside look into what the game is really all about. They are listed with the most recent videos at the top. If the videos are loading very slowly for you and you are on the ANU campus try using the locally hosted versions here.

HvZ@ANU end of Game 2 Summary Video:

Promotional Trailer for Game 2:

HvZ@ANU end of Game 1 Summary Video:

Thriller Dance Preformed by ANU’s very own Zombies:

Promotional Trailer made for Game 1:

HvZ Videos From Other


Humans vs Zombies has been played at university campuses for 4 years now and in this time the game has spread extremely rapidly (much like a zombie infection really….) to hundreds of universities, most of which are in the United States. Some of these games have over 1000 players involved and can be classified as truly epic. Keep in mind that different universities use different rules variations and our rules don’t match perfectly with the rules shown in these videos.

Original Documentary about HvZ from Goucher College (Warning ~ 40 minutes long, but it is epic, it inspired me to start HvZ here at ANU in the first place):

Some awesome game highlights from PSU: