HvZ@ANU is an ANUSA-affiliated student club. This is useful for our organisation because it allows us to run the game at ANU, get security approval, use lecture halls for meetings and apply for funding from the association. As a student club we are bound by certain ANUSA regulations which we have incorporated into our constitution. We require all players of HvZ games to be members of the club. Our club member list is digital and is a subset of our forum memberlist. Go to the sign-up section of the site to find out how to join the club – becoming a member is easy and free!

Our club has two main aims:

  1. To coordinate organised, fun and fair “Humans vs Zombies” games for the students at the ANU.
  2. To improve the ANU community as a whole and to help students make new friends.

University is a time to have fun and we want our club to make a positive contribution to how fun university is for everyone.

The club is run by its executive, which is elected each year by members of the club. The club holds general meetings at regular times throughout the year. Information about these meetings is communicated to members through our forums and Facebook group, among other sources. Anyone is welcome to come to these meetings.