Humans vs Zombies at its core is not a competitive game – its really just about having lots of fun. However we think that the addition of some awards as motivation for good game spirit help make the game more fun for everyone. We have a variety of awards and award types, often accompanied by prizes given out by the moderators. We have two types of awards, main awards and others. Main awards are fundamentally about awarding the best, most involved players in the game. They go to people who are good sports, talented, creative, and who make the game more fun to play. We also give out awards for the best companies.

In addition to these main awards the moderators can choose to give out any number of special secondary awards to players they think went above and beyond the game, for example: the bard award, human style award, zombie style award, etc.

There are also medals on the forums which will show off the awards you may have won in the game. The full list of these medals can be seen here. These include some medals that anybody can win and are awardable to many people at a time.

Some categories of awards accept public nominations – you can nominate someone for such an award by clicking the ‘Nominate Medal’ link they have on their profile in the forums.