Squads are no longer a part of our games at ANU. We now use “Companies” instead. For information on Companies, please see our “About Companies” post on the forum for more information on the new system. This page is left here for archival purposes. It will be moved later.

Player squads in HvZ are groups of Human players who work together to stay alive. Squads are one of the underlying strengths of Humans vs Zombies. They are one of the most enjoyable parts of the game and allow players to take on a level of organisation of their own. More importantly they help fill the clubs aims of bringing people together, helping people make new friends and making the game more fun.

On the zombie team cooperation is a given – it is a necessity and is part of what makes being a zombie cool. But humans can go solo and try and weather the storm on their own. While this strategy too can be fun, working in squads is a more socially enjoyable experience. You are putting your life (as a human) on the line – trusting your squad members and earning their trust. Much like the lone groups of survivors who tend to star as the protagonists of zombie movies.

Types of Squads:

Type 1: The informal Squad

The informal squad is just that. Its usually made up of only a handful of people – usually friends, possibly just players. You are a group thrown together by the necessity of surviving during the game. This type of squad usually comes together merely by being near each other when zombies attack and being forced to work together. Another way a squad of this type might form is as a result of major squads being reduced to the point where they must merge with other survivors to stand any chance at all.

In any case, informal squads are not ranked and usually have very little in the way of organization or hierarchy. But they sure beat being out there on your own and can often lead to the formation of more formal squads in future games.

Type 2: Normal Squads

Normal squads are the average squad. They are usually started by someone and then advertise for members and organise these members to work together for the good of the group. Squad leaders and their command group need to work as a team to ensure everyone is aware of the situation at all times to ensure the squad can keep up in the game and that everyone has their back watched. Things WILL fall apart at some point – the test of a good squad is how well you can handle those problems.

Normal squads can enter ranking and compete for bragging rights and to earn themselves a place in HvZ history. They may wear some sort of insignia to identify their members or invent a banner to show off their pride. Normal squads are acknowledged by moderators and as such certain story events may revolve around them. Normal squads are encouraged to allow anyone to join their groups and to help make everyone feel welcome – HvZ should be about making friends and what better way to make friends than to fight off zombie hordes with them?

Type 3: Private or Semi-Private Squads

A private squad functions much like a normal squad. The key difference is that it has restrictive membership (most often limited to friends). We will allow these squads in the game and will acknowledge them on leader boards and rankings but we may not use your squads as often in special events etc. The reason for this is that while private squads are OK – we’d rather you let anyone join you, as we want everyone to have fun playing the game.

Semi-private squads are a bit different, they are open to anyone who fits a certain condition (for example, science students only). Its very important to note that this condition cannot be something like race or sex or religion- for obvious reasons. The best example and type of semi-private squads are College-Squads.

College-squads represent a single on-campus hall or college. To be in the squad you must be a member of that hall/college. Ideally each college on campus will have its own organized representative squad – and we hope that their interhall representatives will get in on the chance to help this squad out. One of the cool advantages of doing this is that a group of your squad members can easily stay in one (or a few) person(s)’s room and camp out as a group there. Other squads can of course do this, but with more difficulty. College-squads will also be eligible to enter certain types of rankings which will be used to determine which college’s have done the best.

How to Set Up a Squad:

Setting up a squad is relatively easy. You just need a bunch of people to be in your squad and a name. Once you have those you can make a post in the squad registration thread and you will be given your own squad usergroup and private forum. When the game starts we record all the players in each squad and close the usergroups so you will no longer be able to make changes to your squad after that point (everything will be reopened after the game ends). Signed up squads will be eligible for prizes and rankings.

Difficulty comes in when you want to do WELL with a squad. The more organization you put in the better your chances of victory. Running a squad is not easy and you will have to make sure you are well prepared if you intend to survive the apocalypse.

Running a Squad:

These are some more informal tips and ideas about running squads.

  1. Make the best use of the private forum you are given here. Having a way to communicate with members of your squad is essential. You’ll probably also want to make sure you have everyones phone number in your phone.
  2. Work out jobs and roles for people in your squad. People like having positions and roles and you can get everyone to work better as a group if everyone knows what their role is.
  3. Work together. This may sound silly but it is harder than it sounds. A squad must be more than a list of players working separately and hoping to survive. You should work with members of your squad to stay alive. Perhaps buddy up with squad members doing the same lectures as you, and have specified meeting places between classes. Do you need to get more food? Go as a group.
  4. Make the week a party. One of the cool ways to make your squad more fun and awesome is to organize and hold places to be during the night. That is, invite everyone over to your place to stake out the night. Share stories, play games, modify weapons and talk strategy! Then go to another squad members place the next night. This may be particularly useful for when missions may be run during the night and you have squad members living on campus. Remember to check with your college/hall to make sure having guests is ok.
  5. Dealing with other squads can be difficult. You are rivals and will be actively competing on leaderboards. A bit of active rivalry can be a fun thing and can help keep your squad together as a cohesive whole. However you have to decide where to draw the line – you are all humans and you will likely be outnumbered very shortly. Your squad should have a defined policy on dealing with other squads. Do you help them? Ignore them? Or even actively hinder them? – It is even possible to have specific squads you are allied with and others which you hate. Diplomacy is fun!

Squad Documentation – Have Your Story Told:

Our club has a specified executive entirely in charge of documentation for a reason – it is a big deal. Playing the game is fun, but so is talking about it. Humans are social creatures and we love to recount our stories to others. You escaped from that zombie by a hares breath, before diving to the ground and shooting it, only to be eaten by one sneaking up behind you. Thats the sort of story you want to tell – and not just in words, you also want to share the experience with photos and even video.

We will have an organized documentation group working to capture the story our HvZ games tell – but you can help us tell the story of YOUR squad. The easiest way to do this is to simply assign members of your squad to take photos or film. Another good option is to tell us about your squad – tell moderators and documenters about your squad, where you are and what you are doing – that way they know where the action will be.

Squads are not the be all and end all of HvZ but they are an awesome way to enhance the game and make it more fun as a human. I hope you consider joining/running one.