Organisation Name: The Australian National University Branch of Humans vs Zombies
Affiliation(s): The Australian National University
Location: Canberra, ACT
Contact: hvz.anu@gmail.com
Rough Player Count: 406 Members
Established: 2009

  • Executive voted in each year
  • Moderators chosen by president for each game
Membership: Club Membership Required
How do players sign up: Sign up is online at: http://hvz.club.anu.edu.au/?page_id=185.
Player Restrictions:
  • Anyone can play, not just ANU students
  • Must be signed up to play
  • Must be over 16 to play in big games
Game Types:
  • Two big (week long) HvZ campus games played each year at start of each semester
  • Lots of small nerf-wars/mini-game events year round
Game Cost:
  • Membership and small games $0
  • Big Games $5 per game (given game bandanna each game)

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