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What about HvZ Source?

HvZ Source (or HvZ International) is a website run by the original creators of Humans vs Zombies. Their website is a central location for all HvZ games around the world (though primarily the USA). HvZ Source offers a wide range of resources on the game and even offers free game-engine hosting.

HvZ Australia is not a competitor of HvZ Source, but rather seeks simply to unite Australian HvZ clubs together. HvZ Source makes no effort to have a formal list of all HvZ games run or to organise official collaborative events, largely due to the huge number of places which play the game. Since HvZ Australia is dealing with a smaller set of clubs and because we got organised early on in the spread of the game we are able to achieve these things.


About Humans vs Zombies

Humans vs Zombies (HvZ) is at its heart a giant game of moderated tag played all around the world. If you’ve played before than you’ll have an idea of what the game is about. The core ethos of the game is that if a human is tagged by a zombie, that humans becomes a zombie. To make things interesting however humans are able to stun zombies using nerf blasters or balled up socks. Stunned zombies will remain stunned for a duration of time and can’t tag any humans while stunned. Humans aim to survive as long as possible while zombies aim to kill all the humans.

Specifics beyond this vary between games. Games can range in size and duration drastically; from 20 players to 2000 or from hour long games to month long marathons. Commonly games occur on university campuses and run between courses, making the game something which happens around the players’ normal lives. Most games are run by ‘moderators’ who act as referees for the game and who often run special missions for humans and zombies to complete. HvZ groups often use websites to run their games as a way of recording kills and to prevent cheating, these can be as simple as facebook groups or they can be more elaborate custom game engines. Nerf blasters are toys which shoot harmless foam darts, these are used by many games and tend to make the game a lot more fun (playing similarly to games like laser tag or paintball).

Humans vs Zombies was invented in by Brad Sappington and Chris Weed in 2005 at Goucher College in the US. The game has been immensely popular and much like an actual zombie outbreak it has spread very rapidly. Currently there are over 300 universities which play HvZ in the US and a sizeable number of scouting/church/high-school/other groups which play the game too. The game has only just begun to spread overseas however. In 2009 ANU in Canberra was the first Australian university to run HvZ and since then the infection has begun spreading throughout Australia too, which is where this website comes in.

About HvZ Australia

HvZ Australia is an initiative to unite all Australian and New Zealand HvZ games together through a single collaborative site. There are a number of reasons to do this:

  • To document the spread of the HvZ infection throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • To help new players find games near them easily.
  • To build strong bonds between Australian HvZ communities with the potential for collaborative events.

HvZ Australia does not control nor is it in any way responsible for the conduct of the organisations affiliated with it. HvZ Australia is simply a way of unifying Australian HvZ games. However in the interest of the long term future and reputation of the game in Australia we insist that all members of HvZ Australia comply to the following guidelines.

All Member Organisations must:

  1. comply with all federal, state and local laws fully;
  2. endeavour to contact and seek approval from the administrative bodies at any location the game is to be held (for example university or high school administrations);
  3. have a reasonable level of control and organisation over their games;
  4. have appropriate safety rules for the safety of all players and bystanders;
  5. be non-profit. HvZ is for fun, it is not a business opportunity.

HvZ Australia was started as an initiative in 2010 and is hosted by HvZ@ANU. If you are interested in getting involved in the initiative please contact Myles at: .


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