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Minimum Requirements

To promote safe HvZ games which will improve (rather than hurt) HvZ's reputation all HvZ Australia Member Organisations must:
  • comply with all federal, state and local laws fully;
  • endeavour to contact and seek approval from the administrative bodies at any location the game is to be held (for example university or high school administrations);
  • have a reasonable level of control and organisation over their games;
  • have appropriate safety rules for the safety of all players and bystanders;
  • be non-profit. HvZ is for fun, it is not a business opportunity.

Group Pages

Each affiliated HvZ group gets its own page on this website which contains all the information you need to know about it. Game organisers fill in this information and the content of these pages is their responsibility. Sporadic HvZ games don't have a page until they form a group which runs regular games.

Does your club not have webhosting? If so this group page could act as the website you need! You are free to put as much stuff on it as you like, however all editing will have to come through us. It can act as a central site for your group, linking on to facebook pages, forums, etc.

Game List

One of the main tools HvZ Australia provides is this list of all affiliated HvZ organisations in Australia and New Zealand. We endeavour to unify all HvZ groups in Australia under this initiative however we will not include games which do not meet our minimum standards (see right). If you are running a game, or know of a game, which we haven’t listed here than please contact myles.oneill@gmail.com or comment on our forums.


All groups listed below are placed in chronological order based on the date they ran their first game. Click the name of each group below to find out more about them. If you don’t know where places are look at our helpful map at the bottom of the page.

Humans vs Zombies Groups in Australia:

This is a list of all well established HvZ groups which run regular games.

Planned HvZ Groups:

These are places which plan to become groups with regular games but which have not yet begun to run these games.

Sporadic HvZ Games:

This is a list of all places which have been known to (or plan to) run individual HvZ games but which haven’t formed any official group or organisation.

Find A Game Near You:

Note: Due to overlap some groups can’t be seen without zooming in, so zoom in closer to see them individually.

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Color Key:
Green -> Organised HvZ Group.
Blue -> Planned HvZ Group.
Red -> Sporadic HvZ Events.


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