See the button above? Thats our initiative's logo! Each HvZ group which joins us needs to display this on their website/printed material where applicable (the badge is slightly modified to say HvZ Australia Member).

By sporting this logo you show that your group is well organised and you support the entire HvZ Australia community. In return the HvZ Australia website will be listing you and thus sending new members your way, its all part of our grander scheme of spreading HvZ to as many people as possible.

To include our HvZ logo in your website simply use the following code somewhere prominent:

If you can't post it (for example if you are using facebook for your event), just post this link with an explanation:

For use in print we have included a variety of downloadable versions (.png format) of the badge(right-click and save-as):

Start a Game

So you want to start a game in your area? Thats great! Australia is a huge place and most of our big cities are pretty far apart, so spreading across all the states and territories might take a while, but with your help we can make it happen!

So where do you start with making a game? The first step is research HvZ, this is a pretty fun step and basically involves googling lots of HvZ stuff. Read up how different places play the game (everywhere does it a little differently) then watch lots of youtube videos to see people’s great ideas in action.

Humans vs Zombies Players

Once you have a good idea about what the game is, you can now start thinking about whats appropriate for your game. This is dependant on a lot of things and an important one is how much time you can stomach. Organising HvZ can be a lot of work and it really comes down to how much you can commit. On the smallest level you can run simple games in the park, advertise on facebook and have maybe 50-100 people. It will be a big day and a fair bit of work to organise, but basically anyone can do it!

But lets say you want to go bigger, perhaps you want to organise a week long game at your university, or a month long marathon, or even a city wide game! If you want to work at this size you probably need to realise that its going to be a LOT of work, we’re talking about part-time to full-time job amount of work, do not underestimate it. You’re also going to want people to help you out, people who are as committed as you. Another good idea is to take the whole thing one step at a time and slowly make your game bigger and bigger. If you take a game fee from players (to spend on food or game items etc.) then you probably need to register for a non-profit ABN with the government (don’t worry its not hard). If you are thinking long term (and you should be!) you might want to organise your group into an official club with a constitution and elections, this will ensure your games will continue to keep going even if you personally can’t run them any more.

Humans vs Zombies Players

Once you decide what you want to do its up to you to organise it. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from other clubs that already exist, even if its just for advice (also make sure to use our forums!). Once you are well on your way to getting going you can be added to this website as an affiliate organisation, this will help advertise your game and get you more players. In return we ask that you add a link back to this website or that you add the HvZ Australia badge (right) to any website and media you might have, this will help everyone in the initiative by spreading the word about it.

Finally make sure to check out this amazing guide on running HvZ games made by HvZ International. If you have any other questions feel free to email me at .


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