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Humans vs Zombies Compact

Postby Alistair » Thu May 26, 2011 2:26 am

From the HvZ international Forums:
Hey guys, I just finished editing a 15 minute-long mini-documentary about a game of humans vs zombies that I organise and is played over the course of a day in Sydney, Australia. This was filmed just before the start of year 9 and we are well into year 9 now, just about to start preperation for a new game.

HvZC (Humans vs Zombies Compact) consists of smaller 1-2hr rounds instead of full on survival games, with all the missions being very high risk. We normally get between 10 and 20 people show up. It's a lot of fun, and I I'd love feedback on this video and recommendations from more experienced players/moderators. Thanks for watching!

The video starts off a bit slow, but it's always nice to see other Australian games. They have a pretty impressive arsenal for about 20 players, and gun-cam is always fun.

They also have a FB group apparently: ... 22556&ap=1
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