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Squad Registration - Game 3

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 3:40 am
by Myles
Firstly before reading this please make sure you have read the information on squads we have on the website.

On the forums we are happy to provide each squad its own usergroup and private forum. The usergroup will be controlled by their squad leader and he/she will be able to accept/deny requests to join the group. The forum will be a private one which only accepted members of the group will be allows to access, furthermore whenever a member of the squad is turned into a zombie they will not be able to see the forum (until the end of the game) - this means that the forums will remain useful even after you lose members of your squad.

Squad Size Rules:
Minimum Size - 5 Players
Maximum Size - 30 Players

Squad Types:
Public -> Anyone can join, open to the public.
Private -> For close groups of friends - invitation only.

Each squad which wants to be accepted as an official squad in the game will have to get its own usegroup and you can do so by doing the following. To apply to have a squad please post a single reply in this topic with the template below filled in (removing my comments). Returning squads should apply again and they will have their squad changed from frozen to active.

Please do not apply for your squad to be added until you are sure you will have at least five squad members! Also please note that you can only have one (no more no less) squad leader.

Code: Select all
[b]Squad Name:[/b] Squad Name Here
[b]Squad Type:[/b] Public or Private.
[b]Squad Leader:[/b] [url=] Your Full Name Here[/url]

[b]Squad Usergroup[/b] (Leave this blank and I will edit the link in)

[b]Squad Information:[/b]

Place extra information here, a logo, a backstory, an ethos - whatever you want.

Re: Squad Registration - Game 3

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 6:04 am
by Big Jo
Squad Name: H1N1
Squad Type: Public
Squad Leader: Jo Hancox

Squad Usergroup

Squad Information:

This is a call to arms! Lock and load those NERF guns and ready your sock grenades, the zombie infection has reached our shores. H1N1 has been called upon to bear arms and contain the zombie outbreak.

We must form up, work together and outsmart the walking dead before we are over run. Our senior members offer a wealth of knowledge both in armament and tactics, which will be shared to the squad to increase the chances of survival.

H1N1 has a proud history of getting the job done. Traditionally a small but highly effective and well trained unit, we are seeking more members to assistin the resistance.

Viva La Résistance!

Re: Squad Registration - Game 3

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 12:04 pm
by Vash1414
Squad Name: Rogue Squadron
Squad Type: Public
Squad Leader: Alex Holmes

Squad Usergroup:

Squad Information:
Rogue Squadron [HvZ] aims to mirror Rogue Squadron in the Star Wars universe = a team of the elite who work together, fight together, and who survive together.

Each member of Rogue Squadron shall have a rogue number and nickname (so far as they are available), according to cannon/preference (e.g. Rogue Leader's nickname is Skywalker). Each member shall also have a bandana emblazoned with the symbol of the rebel alliance (at a $3 cost to each member).

We'll also try and standardise people's armaments to make our Squad have some good staying power. Ideally we'll each have a pistol and either a Raider or Longshot, with some heavier weapons thrown in. We'll also try and have some things like practise sessions to help to master manoeuvres and such, but the aim of this squad is purely fun.

Any other Star Wars apparel is welcome and encouraged, but can only be used in line with HvZ rules (i.e. carry a Lightsaber if you want, but you cannot use it).

There will also be epic amounts of Star Wars banter, so get ready for classics:
"I have a bad feeling about this."
"I can't hold it!"
"Stay on target!"
"Its a trap!"

And more.

So join up and save the Galaxy! From Zombies!

Rogue Squadron's Facebook:!/gro ... 209&ref=ts

Re: Squad Registration - Game 3

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 5:19 pm
by Faceman
Squad Name: The Cavalry
Squad Type: Public
Squad Leader: Beau Olsen

Squad Usergroup

Squad Information:

Once the nobles and upper class of society, now we are a band of well dressed zombie hunters fighting to keep society intact. We will stop at nothing to dispense our own unique brand of vigilante justice on the hoards of undead that have nearly destroyed our way of life.

If you too wish to join our ranks we must ask two things from you. Firstly we request you wear a suit and hat, in order to distinguish us from the rabble on the streets, and secondly we ask for complete altruistic bravery and sacrifice.
No quarter will be given to the enemy, we will never back down from any fight, we will not hide, run or waver in the face of overwhelming odds.

We are the Cavalry...

Our Facebook group:!/group.php?gi ... 2051808867

Re: Squad Registration - Game 3

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 9:02 pm
by Erin
Squad Name: The Black Coats
Squad Type: Public
Squad Leader: Erin Gillies

Squad Usergroup

Squad Information:

Once a sub-squad of the behemoth known as Paranoia in Pajenkas, while other divisions became battle hardened as they raged against the zombie hordes, forgetting their normal lives in the fight to preserve humanity, over time PiP: Black found there is more to preserving lives than not dying. It is not enough to deny the zombies our lives and brains if they can still fill them with paranoia and insanity. Now as The Black Coats we believe that quality of life is as important as its preservation, and we are here to accommodate and help all those who do not wish to give up their daily routine just because the undead are getting restless again...

Mythology aside The Black Coats have formed from the remainder of PiP: Black with a small group of experienced players who believe squads are not just for the 'hardcore' who take the week off to live the apocalypse. They also make good support networks for more casual players and can help new players find their footing in the game and their preference for play style, and are also good way to make friends. So if you've never bothered making a shop run but could have used some help getting to classes or you're new to the game and uneasy about running lone-wolf into a night mission we're here to help.

Re: Squad Registration - Game 3

PostPosted: Thu May 06, 2010 10:52 pm
by Mr Killingspri
Squad Name: L.I.R.O.
Squad Type: Public
Squad Leader: Jarryd Morton

Squad Usergroup

Squad Information:

L.I.R.O. The Living Impaired Rights organisation. We believe that being living impaired doesn't take away from the right to life, or un-life in this case, so we stand for re-integration of the living impaired populace via means such as punishmental shooting, when ever a living impaired wants brains they must be shot to help them understand the consequences of aquiring said brains, and of course thereputive councelling to re-introduce these un-fortunate people back into society.

So if you're an individual who stands up for the rights of the common man, no matter how alive they are, then come join L.I.R.O. and roll out with more guns then people to help us make a better world.

Note: LIRO is open to any member but unless you're an associate member then you'd simply be better of joining one the other squads. If you do seek to join make sure you can head to a nerf wars or to a team training day [once we've organised one] so I can talk to you else you're not in.

Our approach is to never hold back so grab my number of me sometime if you feel you'll need rescuing but we're only in after 4:30 due to school restrictions :|

Re: Squad Registration - Game 3

PostPosted: Sun May 09, 2010 10:57 pm
by Timocracy
Squad Name: Global Warming
Squad Type: Public
Squad Leader: Timothy Pearce

Squad Usergroup

Squad Information:


Humanity often gets the short straw – it’s one big disaster after the next. International conflict, greenhouse gases, oil shortages, financial crises, zombie apocalypses.

What can we do? How can we fight these impending catastrophes?

We must be prepared. We must be determined. We must be resilient. We must unite.

We must fill the atmosphere with toxic gases to make our planet inhospitable to the undead.

We are the problem. We are the solution.

We are part of Global Warming. Are you?

Re: Squad Registration - Game 3

PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 12:10 pm
by Arnorath
Squad Name: The Aviators
Squad Type: Public
Squad Leader: Rhiannon Cook

Squad Usergroup

Squad Information:The undead have taken over the earth. And so some intrepid survivors have taken to the skies. Decked in Neo-Victorian finery and toting the latest in self-modded weaponry, the Aviators are dedicated to the humane termination of undead cretins.
So far our airship comprises of a misfit crew including ex-sargent Victor Hollingsworth, A naturalist by the name of Columbus livia, with a passion for avians, a chaplain of the pastafarian faith (who is coincidentally a cook of culinary genius) and their captain, Jane Cook, SkyLord, Governess of Constantinople, Travellor of the Far East, Purveyor of Fine Antiquities...

Re: Squad Registration - Game 3

PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 7:58 pm
by monk
Squad Name: PiP: Orange
Squad Type: Semi-Private.
Squad Leader: Aaron Hairsine

Squad Usergroup

Squad Information:
Pip Orange is an Official PIP squad, private and low profile.

It will mainly act as a scout (lightweight and fast) party for all squads. This means there will be a butt load of RUNNING!!! and lotsa stealth waiting...

Requirements for joining this squad are:

- WEAPON RESTRICTION (you must have):
* A long gun (Raider, longshot, longstrike, modded recon)
* A secondary (Small, aka maveric or nightfinder. Will accept secondary long gun if it is well stowed)
* NO VULCANS (we will be running lots!!!)

* Were gonna aim to have CB radios

* You must attend at least 4 out of five training sessions (Full day events)

- Morph suits highly discouraged


There are two types of members:
**** Full members
* Like a normal squads (going to lectures/tutes!)
* Based with PIP

****Accomplices (Simply, you can roll with us but are not members when it comes to squad count or awards - was called associate members)
* Completed training and all other requirements
* Can be members of other squads
* Gets to roll with us on mission ect.

* Fast roll out (when a call is made we (if you can) leave with in 60 sec or not at all.
* Cool toys (ask me)
* Small squad (<12)

ZOMG - Zombies Oh My God!

PostPosted: Wed May 12, 2010 11:19 am
by TehTommehnator
Squad Name: ZOMG - Zombies Oh My God!
Squad Type: Public
Squad Leader: Thomas Anderson

Squad Usergroup

Squad Information:


Day 364:
It's cold in the vault again, and our water chip has been malfunctioning... but that doesn't matter to me at the moment: tomorrow we're escaping from this infernal vault! I'm sick of the canned food, the rationing of water... even the very air we breathe in here! Frederik said it would be safe by now, and we should be free to return to the surface. He calculated the rate of infection - the entire world would be infected in one week. Over the next 9 months, all zombies will have starved to death. I can't wait to see the sun again.

Day 365:
What on Earth is going on? We emerged from the vault to find, not an apocalyptic wasteland, but society as we knew it. Streets bustling with commuters, laughing children in the streets and cars everywhere: not exactly what we were expecting. I've come to realize that we wasted a whole year of our lives trying to survive an apocalypse that never happened! Frederik was very apologetic, as you can imagine. He promised to revise his calculations and tell us when the real apocalypse will take place. I'm not so sure to trust him as eagerly this time.

Day 366: Frederik has some bad news, and this time I'm sure he's not lying. Busting through the door of the apartment we were staying in, panting heavily after running from his lab, Frederik explained the previous error in his working: "I forgot to carry the one! THE APOCALYPSE BEGINS TODAY!" Our vault was sealed behind us (no one had bothered to remember the code, we didn't think we'd need it!), and we had no where to go. It was at that moment that we heard the thumping at the back window- Thompson had a look outside, and his words will haunt me to my grave- "Zombies, oh my god!"

Who we are:
A bunch of people who were relatively casual last game, returning and looking to survive a bit longer next game by taking it more seriously and forming a squad. Feel free to join us if you are looking for a squad to escort you around campus. We are probably going to be reasonably well equipped this game so you need not worry about the infection with us on your side!

Anyone, feel free to join!

Facebook Group:!/event.php?eid=124791214198266