My Resignation

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Re: My Resignation

Postby Alan » Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:17 am

I can't shake the feeling that this is a dummy-spit; some attempt at HvZ matyrdom.

Still: Credit where credit is due.

Caleb: you were always a recognisable figure on the field, even without the quad-Mavericks. You were the only person brave enough to carry four of the fickle things! Fancy weapons aside you were an admirable leader capable of co-ordinating the most messy rabbles. Are you sure its too late to convince you back? :cry:

Tabby wrote:Also... I had my "wtf?" face on the entire time during that zombie wedding thing... And I wasn't the only one.
Yep. Me too. I swear it was some inside joke that went right over my head.
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Re: My Resignation

Postby Jeo » Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:13 pm

Fine, I'll bite...

Did you enjoy the time you spent learning thriller? Did you enjoy making/painting/modifying your blasters? Did you enjoy playing?

Personally I quite enjoy the modification/painting process so much so that I've made stuff that could never be used in HvZ purely because I could. I don't see it as work or as time wasted, but as a bloody good way to spend some time. Chris and I spent two solid evenings making the PiP standard and I enjoyed every minute of it; the titan took a few days of messing around and just forget about the Storm Tommy. You've seen our garage Caleb, it's just half finished project after half finished project. Sure running around with all these toys was fun too, but the build process was always worth it in itself.

As for $$$, don't get me started on how much some of my projects have cost. The modifications alone on my titan shotgun cost more than the blaster itself and I simply stopped counting how much the Storm Tommy's cost after a little while. The scary side of money for me and HvZ is thinking about how much time I've taken off work to play/mod. It really hurt during game 2 when I couldn't afford to buy real food and basically lived off nutella and bread for the week because I knew I wasn't getting paid at all in the following week and still needed to pay my normal living expenses. However, given that choice again and knowing I'd get the same outcomes, I'd do the same thing all over again. It was that awesome.

All of this time effort and money spent on HvZ and you know what I do first chance I get? Suicide so I don't get to use any of them :lol: Chris and I have joked with each other a couple of times now that we either need to stop spending so much on blasters or stop suiciding.

As for the awards thing, I never even considered you for human style. Don't take that as a jab at you but you didn't stand out to me any more than you usually do. When I read your op I did feel a little bad because you have put quite a lot of effort into your game appearance, but to me at least it just didn't appear that different to your normal appearance.

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Re: My Resignation

Postby Rachel » Tue Aug 03, 2010 5:39 pm

To be fair, Alex holmes got style because he WAS the doctor from tuesday onwards. I'm sure i'm far from being alone in having conversations with him in which he conversed purely as the character he'd chosen to play and he also posted as the dr on the forums. He rolled with just socks and a sonic screwdriver one day, and with only a maverick added to it other days.

The idea of the dr turning up for the zombie invasion was awesome and Alex put a LOT of work and effort into pulling it off. I personally was very impressed with that.

i'm sorry you don't feel you got the recognition you deserved, but give props to those who deserve them.
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