1070 Rental Gear

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1070 Rental Gear

Postby stephendann » Tue Aug 03, 2010 4:25 pm

Somewhere in the vast nothingness of post HvZ ANU is Rm1070's Tommy 20 that was loaned out to someone from Pajenkas on Day 1. I just remember handing the gun to someone about to make a run, and figuring I'd find it again later.

It's later, so finding my last remaining piece of hardware would be good.

Also, I have a bag here. I know I ran into the owner three times, and I completely failed to give the bag to them at every opportunity. It's still here. PM me to recover it.

last request: Anyone have a photo that contains me and Joe Craddy in the same shot?
($) Stephen Dann
Rm 1070, Copland. Just upstairs and to the right from the Manning Clarke Zombie Horde.
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