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Postby trumpetmagic » Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:39 am

Hey All,

Here is a list of the awards that were presented for the 2010 winter game.

    Best Squad - Paranoia in Pajenka's
    Runner Up Best Squad - Global Warming
    Squad Style - The Cavalry
    Runner Up Squad Style - Aviators
    Best Human - Luke Roberts
    Runner Up Best Human - Dane Evans
    Best Zombie - Patrick McCawley
    Runner Up Best Zombie - Tim Pearce
    Playing Your Side - Antony Bal
    Playing Your Side - Angus Heyworth
    Human Style - Alex Holmes
    Runner Up Human Style - Daniel Pronin
    Zombie Style - Scott Reynolds
    Runner Up Zombie Style - Kimmi Macleod
    Bard Award - Demetrios Bertzeletos
    Runner Up Bard Award - Austin Smith
    Coolest Weapon - Chunuma Morton
    Runner Up Coolest Weapon - Jason Glavich
    Raider Guy - Steve Ellis
    Need a Revive - Geoff Stacey
    Killed by a Mod - Raphael Kabo
    Pancakes - Jay Watts
    Pancakes - Luke Butters

If you have not received your prize yet please pm or email me.

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