Scavenger Hunt Thursday

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Scavenger Hunt Thursday

Postby Jeo » Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:04 am

Today is pretty straight forward. Here are 25 questions. Answer them. 1 point per question as per normal.

1. When was the 500MJ generator outside RSPhys disassembled?
2. How many birds in the John Dedman Aviary?
3. How many stepping stones in the northen crossing of Sullivans creek?
4. How many stepping stones in the southern crossing of Sullivans creek?
5. How many of the spirit levels in the sculpture garden actually have a bubble in them?
6. How many parking spots in the new parking area next to the tennis courts near willows oval?
7. Where is lamppost 837?
8. Where is lamppost 524?
9. Where is lamppost 718?
10. Where is the Black Sun?
11. What date was "Relic" launched?
12. What is "Torii" made out of?
13. How many squares in "six fixed", outside chem?
14. What is the sculpture in Chifley meadows made of?
15. How many trees on fellows oval have pink guards around them?
16. Where is the door on the second level of a building that you cant get to?
17. How many chains in the water feature near the Law Theatre?
18. What is the name of the currency used in Humans vs Zombies at ANU?
19. What year was HvZ@ANU founded?
20. What is the name of the city in the cancelled game of Humans Vs Zombies @ ANU this year?
21. How many powerpoints switches under the worlds first free piston shock tunnel?
22. How many poles in "Pukamani Poles"?
23. Who sculpted "Korean Space"?
24. What was the shop keepers name in the third game of Humans Vs Zombies @ ANU?
25. What were the 4 company names in the cancelled game of Humans Vs Zombies @ ANU?

As per normal, please email your answers to by midnight tonight to avoid the late penalty.

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