Friday Scavenger Hunt

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Friday Scavenger Hunt

Postby Jeo » Fri Mar 04, 2011 8:57 am

Good morning all!

For the final day of our Scavenger Hunt we will be playing Jeopardy. Below are a series of answers, to which you must submit the questions. Each valid question will receive at least one point. In addition, all submitted questions will be be displayed at the final party on Sunday. Attendees will then be asked to vote on which question they feel is the most awesome, that team will then be awarded an extra point. Therefore, were you to submit 15 legitimate questions, you could receive anywhere from 15-30 points for your efforts.

As an example...

Answer = 7

Team 1 - Question: What is 3 + 4?
(A perfectly acceptable question, but REALLY boring)

Team 2 - Question: What is the maximum confirmed number of kills by a Wagga-style OZ in a game of HvZ at ANU?
(Still correct, but significantly more awesome)

In this instance, each question would receive 1 point. They would then be put to a member vote on the Sunday night and presumably the second question would receive a bonus point.

1: HvZ@ANU
2: Tik-Toks
3: Spider
4: Zombie
5: Human
6: Air Conditioned
7: Sparta
8: 1969
9: 9:13am, Wednesday the 5th of August, 2009
10: Goucher College
11: Window
12: Chemistry
13: Style
14: Peppercorn
15: Paranoia

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