Last act of brave stupidity

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Last act of brave stupidity

Postby pwatt » Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:05 am

The time was growing late in the war and my usefulness was drawing to a close. I knew that soon I would be called away to the wilderness, I would be unable to help my fellow humans in the last days of the war. Well I would not take it lying down. I had to make one final stroke against the zombies infesting our campus. If by my life or death I could aid the human cause then God help me I would.
From the farthest reaches of the great stronghold Pajenkas, the area still inhabited by uninfested humans I spied a group of zombies. They wouldn't just congregate for no reason, they must be up to something. This was my chance. Sneaking round the outside of the function room - once a rallying point for the great squad PiP, now just a haunt for the undead - I was able to get to the back of the sports hall and across the creek from the zombie group.
Looking up, some of the zombies spied me. I could now count them. There were 6 in all, and only 1 of me. Should I just run now? No, too late for that. I would give my life gladly for the cause. 4 of the zombies were now crossing the stepping stones towards me. I dropped my bag and reassuringly felt the weight of the socks in my pockets. Now more than ever I wished I had forgone the inconspicuousness of socks for something with more firepower, but too late.
"Think you can take us all," one of the zombies droned? I smiled, knowing I had a chance. Just the other day I had helped a friend break through the blockade at MCC, dispatching two of the guards to make a hole for Sam, and stunning a further two sent to chase me when I ran for my life as he reached the door. But could I do it again? 4 zombies. They charged. I threw a sock at the group but it missed. Knowing I had to separate them I turned and sprinted away, tearing more socks out of pockets as I stopped and faced them again. It had worked they were separated and as 1 by 1 they came into range my socks hit them in the chest.
Grabbing my fallen weapons I ran for the creek. As I neared the crossing, 1 picked something up and sprinted away. I now knew why there were so many. They were guarding something of value. This was my chance, and only two zombies were left. The final guard faced me. A sock flew past his head as he charged, but I dodged his charge, throwing another sock as I did. It also missed, but the third hit him right in the centre of his body as he turned and rushed me again.
It was now just me and the final zombie, the one carrying the item. I ran in the direction I had seen him go, cursing my cheap shoes that threatened to trip me up. I saw a flash of blue ahead as he rounded a corner and I knew I was close. I sprinted round the corner after him, but movement caught my eye and I realised I had run past him as he lurked round the corner. He lunged at me and two socks whistled by his head as I felt his fingers close on my arm. I had failed.
Knowing that I would now be compelled to harm my brothers, my friends, I struggled of campus and into the wilderness as the bloodlust started to cloud my mind. I write this now with my last sentient thoughts.
For the resistance my brothers, for humanity they cannot win. Don't let me die in vain.
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Re: Last act of brave stupidity

Postby daevilone » Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:40 pm

as the second last zombie you stunned that was an amazing effort. Neither Rob (item holder) nor I expected you to get through the 4 guards.
Then we realised you were coming... so I gave the Radio back to Rob and told him to run (Rob had possession but I knew how to use it).
I stayed behind ideally trying to kill you but otherwise slow you down. As you described, killing didnt happen but I succeed in slowing you down enough so Rob could get to an ambush point =D.

That is by far the closest call that we have had with items.
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