2011 Club Elections: President

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2011 Club Elections: President

Postby chrismelba » Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:50 pm

This is the thread for all nominations for the executive position of Club President.

The club president is the most important member of the executive. It is his/her role to ensure that the game is kept on the right track and that at all times the aims of the club are upheld. The final buck rests with the president and if anything goes wrong anywhere down the line it is in the end your fault. This role is a lot of hard work, but is of course also extremely rewarding. You must be willing to make a large time commitment if you apply to this role.

The Constitution wrote:7.10 Each member of the Executive has certain powers, responsibilities and jurisdictions. These will be as follows:
(a) The President has the following responsibilities:
(I) To ensure the spirit of the game is maintained;
(II) To ensure the game rules are relevant and up to date; and
(III) To ensure all documentation of the club is kept up to date.
Furthermore the President has the following powers:
(I) The President can make Executive Orders or judgments independently of the rest of the Executive (except as set out in section 7.5).
(II) The President can veto any decision that has been made below the level of the Executive (except as set out in section 9.10). Such a decision should be made known to the Executive after the fact.
(III) The President will be a trustee of the club in addition to two other trustees chosen by the president from willing executive members. If there are not enough willing executive members the president may choose trustees from other full members of the club.
(IV) The President has the power to fill any vacancy in the Executive of the Club that may occur between Annual General Meetings. The Executive must also vote in favour of the individual before the announcement is made public.
(V) The President has the power to choose the Moderators for the next game from the Moderator Pool. Such a choice must be made known to the Executive before being made public.
(VI) The President can vote as a member of the Executive.

Any full club member can apply to the executive role of the president and may also apply for other executive positions at the same time (but may only hold one position). It is generally suggested that all people applying for president also apply for at least one other position, if you are dedicated enough to be the president then you should be dedicated enough to hold another position as well.

This position runs from 1 week after elected until 1 week after the next election (in the next year) - thus you must be prepared to hold the position until halfway through first semester next year, you must be an ANU student for the duration of you holding the position.

Each candidate should post once using the following template:
Code: Select all
[u]Name:[/u] _____________

[u]Reason For Application:[/u]

[u]Relevant Experience:[/u]

[u]Plans and Ideologies:[/u]

[u]Extra Information:[/u]


Executive positions will be elected at the next AGM - which is currently looking to be in 1 weeks time, but may be moved based on number of applicants
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