Ask the Applicants - 2011

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Ask the Applicants - 2011

Postby Jacob » Mon Mar 21, 2011 9:42 pm


These elections are important for all of us; unfortunately since I no longer attend ANU, I cannot put my hand up, but in these tumultuous times, I would like to ask questions of any candidates who put their hand forth.

The first is; how and do you propose we go about getting our week long games back? As the bread and butter of our club, a club named HvZ @ ANU probably needs to play HvZ @ ANU.

The second is; where to from here? Do we diversify? Or do we try and focus on our core HvZ game? We have unadvertised but popular segments of the club playing multi-player video games and Pokemon cards at the moment. Would\could this be expanded to give our club more avenues to keep members? Would the name\setup of our club need to change to reflect this?

And lastly; we have strong ties to other organisations such as Dart Tag Australia and Wagga Wagga HvZ; and internally to Wargamers - could\would\should these relationships be expanded upon to form and strengthen new ties, and the clubs position as a whole?

I invite any other members to post here any questions, and any applications to answer any questions.

May I ask that Off Topic be kept out of the thread, and discussion be kept to what is essential to give the candidates a chance to see whats really pressing and to be succinct in what they need to see.


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