2010 Election: Executive for Marketing Applications

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2010 Election: Executive for Marketing Applications

Postby Myles » Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:09 am

This is the thread for all nominations for the Executive for Marketing.

The executive for marketing's job is to spread word of the game across campus and to get as many new players signed up to play the game as possible. They need to be in charge of a team willing to go out put up posters, talk to people, speak at lectures etc. etc. An important part of this role is running both Market Day and Bush Week stalls - which are major player recruiting opportunities. Someone in this position should also be looking to spread news of the game in general, aiming to get on television and to be featured in articles. This is a very fun and important role in the club.

The Constitution wrote:7.10 Each member of the Executive has certain powers, responsibilities and jurisdictions. These will be as follows:
(d) The Executive for Marketing has the following responsibilities:
(I) To coordinate the creation and distribution of information, including advertising for the Club and upcoming events;
(II) To coordinate public contact and organise a stall for market day; and
(III) To work with other groups or sponsors for the benefit of the club.
Furthermore the Executive for Marketing has the following powers:
(I) The power to decide the direction of the marketing campaign and to advertise without having to seek formal approval from the Executive.
(II) The Executive for Marketing can vote as a member of the Executive.

Any full club member can apply to the executive role of the executive for marketing and may also apply for other executive positions at the same time (but may only hold one position).

This position runs from 1 week after elected until 1 week after the next election (in the next year) - thus you must be prepared to hold the position until halfway through first semester next year, you must be an ANU student for the duration of you holding the position.

Each candidate should post once using the following template:
Code: Select all
[u]Name:[/u] _____________

[u]Reason For Application:[/u]

[u]Relevant Experience:[/u]

[u]Plans and Ideologies:[/u]

[u]Extra Information:[/u]


Executive positions will be elected at the next AGM - which is currently looking like it will be sometime around the end of week 7.
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Re: 2010 Election: Executive for Marketing Applications

Postby chrismelba » Sat Mar 20, 2010 12:39 pm

Name: Chris Carter

Reason For Application:
I am truly passionate about this club. As many of you will know, I was the squad leader for the "best squad" this game, Paranoia in Pajenkas. I do my very best to ensure that the game was as fun as possible for our members, and
for the rest of the players in general. I would like to give as much as I can to this club in the limited time I have remaining at uni.

Relevant Experience:
Marketing experience:
My recognised marketing experience is minimal, though I was an active member of the marketing team for the summer 2010 game and live with Joe who has been studying marketing and advertising for many years, during which time we've had many conversations about his course work. Also I watch the gruen transform, and that's got to count for something right?

Club Experience:
For the summer 2010 game I was part of the marketing team. I was a very active member of the team, helping to design, order and proof the flyer. I also designed the facebook campaign which lead to a large number of website hits. I helped out all through O-Week on Monday and Wednesday distributing flyers and talking to people as well as helping to run the nerf wars we played on Thursday. I know most of the current executive quite well as well as the current games mods.

Plans and Ideologies:
I think much of the club is going in a very good direction. However I believe that our marketing strategies need to shift for the next game. I believe that nearly all the university now knows about us, we must now convince them that our game is fun enough for them to play. This will require a shift in tactics from our current approach.

Extra Information:
This semester and next I am only enrolled in 3 classes. Next semester I am able to pick two electives to do which don't count towards my honors grade. I work a maximum of 5 hours per week, and have no other major projects other than my class work at the moment (no honors thesis for example). This will allow me a considerable amount of time to dedicate to the club and it's smooth operation.

Myles information states that an executive must be an ANU student until after the AGM next year. Having read the constitution with a keen eye, it appears that this is not in fact the case. I will be able to serve out my term as marketing director even as a non-player. However, there is a risk that I will have to resign early (as I graduate) as I will be applying for several out of state and out of country jobs that may require me to move. This is a large hole in my resume for this job as I may only be able to take the position for a short time, and particularly as marketing director, there is a risk that I will be unavailable for O-Week next year.

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Re: 2010 Election: Executive for Marketing Applications

Postby Jeo » Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:54 pm

Name: Joe Craddy

Reason For Application:
I want the club to be the best it can be and I believe that I can help towards this goal. Due to my prior experience in both marketing and within the club, I feel that I am a prime candidate for this role.

Relevant Experience:
I have an Advanced Diploma in Marketing and have almost finished my Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in marketing.

I have worked as a Marketing manager for multiple businesses, ranging from small businesses through to multi-national companies. I have coordinated sponsorship arrangements for events as varied as local rock climbing competitions and the Australian National Tourism Awards; and groups such as the ANU Racing team and of course our beloved club. I have also worked on the other side of sponsorship, conducting analysis on multimillion dollar projects for clients such as Ford, Schweppes, 3 and ANZ

Having been a devoted player in the first game and a moderator in the second, I believe I already have a good understanding of the organisation and direction of the club.

I’m quite confident in my leadership abilities and will be able to effectively manage a marketing team.

I have good presentation skills and have no problems talking to people to promote the game, be they individuals or large groups.

Plans and Ideologies:
Our marketing efforts need to move away from just telling people about the game to convincing them that they want to play. The theory version of this is called the AIDA principle (fancy acronym meaning Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action). I’m fairly confident in saying that we’ve currently got the awareness part of this down pat. Our efforts at market day did a wonderful job of creating this awareness, which was exactly what we needed to do at the time, but now we need to convince people that they actually want to play.

I believe a great way to achieve this is through more Nerf wars/mini HvZ games (not to mention that it would be fun for our existing players too). I consider the day we ran during O-week to be a great success in this regard as it showed potential new members just how much fun our game is. This also has the added bonus of showing players that the Zombie side is still fun too, although I certainly wouldn’t consider that a primary concern for this position.

Finally, I want the club to try and distance itself from the ‘nerd’ stigma as much as practical. I know that most of us are nerds, but the game is not exclusively a nerd’s game. Some steps have already been taken in this direction, such as the association with the Sport and Rec group and our “I would go to a LES MILLS bodystep class for Escapium” mission, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. For the game to grow as big as I one day hope it to be, we will need to look further afield than our current market for players. Basically we’ve already taken the low hanging fruit of players who would have played anyway, we now need to convince others as to just how awesome our game is.

Extra Information:
This is my last chance to apply for an executive position as I will be graduating at the end of this semester. I want to give as much as I possibly can to the club and the best way I can see of doing that is by running for this position.

I will be seeking full time employment after this semester but will certainly have enough spare time after hours and on weekends to fulfil my duties as Executive for Marketing. I am prepared to take time off work to run events such as market day stalls or nerf wars. I will be taking time off to play the game.

This semester I am only doing two courses and have ample spare time.

My partner has just started her degree at the ANU so there is practically no risk that I will be leaving Canberra, or even just the club, for at least the next three years.

I honestly believe that I am the best person for this position.

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Myles information states that an executive member must be an ANU student until after the AGM next year. Having read the constitution with a keen eye, it appears that this is not in fact the case. I will be able to serve out my term as executive, even as a non-student.


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