2010 Election: Treasurer Applications

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2010 Election: Treasurer Applications

Postby Myles » Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:09 am

This is the thread for all nominations for the executive position of Club Treasurer.

The treasurer is in charge of the funds of the club. Their job is to constantly document all expenditure, all income and all assets of the club. They are also responsible for holding club funds (during periods when they are not in the bank account) and for keeping safe all receipts for all items purchased. This role is vital as these records are required by ANUSA. The treasurer needs to work closely with the other executive members and moderators to work out a reasonable budget for each game and all other events the club is involved in. They must be a very trustworthy and hardworking person.

The Constitution wrote:(b) The Treasurer has the following responsibilities:
(I) To collect funds for the group from various sources;
(II) To allocate funds, in collaboration with the rest of the Executive and Moderators;
(III) To complete regular reconciliations of revenue with expenditure;
(IV) To keep records of allocated funds and to acquire receipts from whichever member bought the items in question; and
(V) To keep records of all assets the club owns and to note who is safekeeping them between events.
Furthermore the Treasurer has the following powers:
(I) The Treasurer can allocate club funds.
(II) The Treasurer can vote as a member of the Executive.

Any full club member can apply to the executive role of the treasurer and may also apply for other executive positions at the same time (but may only hold one position).

This position runs from 1 week after elected until 1 week after the next election (in the next year) - thus you must be prepared to hold the position until halfway through first semester next year, you must be an ANU student for the duration of you holding the position.

Each candidate should post once using the following template:
Code: Select all
[u]Name:[/u] _____________

[u]Reason For Application:[/u]

[u]Relevant Experience:[/u]

[u]Plans and Ideologies:[/u]

[u]Extra Information:[/u]


Executive positions will be elected at the next AGM - which is currently looking like it will be sometime around the end of week 7.
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Re: 2010 Election: Treasurer Applications

Postby voutasaurus » Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:04 pm

Anthony Voutas

Reason For Application:
I would like to continue to contribute to the club in the best way I can.

Relevant Experience:
1 term as secretary, 2 terms as moderator.

Plans and Ideologies:
I see the future HvZ@ANU having a stable budget and a slowly growing asset pool, such that the game and the community can draw benefit from these assets. I would also like to ensure that the club has enough cash prior to each game, such that organisers don't have to dig into their own pockets to run the game, while still being able to run a high quality game.

Extra Information:
I'm a second year computer science student with an ambition to further the field of computer intelligence, mainly in image recognition and natural language processing. To me, HvZ@ANU is a combination of two things: 1. The breaking down of social barriers, and 2. The most badass game of tag ever invented.

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Re: 2010 Election: Treasurer Applications

Postby daevilone » Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:36 pm

Name: Richard Pywell

Reason For Application:
I would like to become more officially involved in the club and feel that this is the best way to contribute more.

Relevant Experience:
I was the "finance department" manager for the YAA team I was part of in 2008. We turned a profit and the books were all correct and up to date so I feel this went well.

Plans and Ideologies:
Unfortunately I don't know a large amount about the club's finances as I have not been on the executive team before. I do know what the clubs current financial situation is though and that the mods had to use their own money to fund game items and other things for the game just past. The main goal I would have in being Treasurer is to make sure that this does not occur for a future game. This may or may not be easily achievable given a lot of our money before games can only come from ANUSA. However, this would be my main aim.
Secondary to that, but still closely related, is to build a fund base for the club. This is a much more long term plan however. Making sure the mods have money for the next two games (mainly Summer 2011) will require very different action to building a long term base.

In regards to being impartial with players and squads I am part of, this mainly boils down to money that the Moderators want to spend on game items or other things for the game. I do not see this as an issue as I see no reason why I should know what the Moderators are buying. How much they spend is a completely different matter and will be an amount to be decided. I may request further knowledge on larger purchases to make sure I think our money is being spent in a responsible manner.

Extra Information:
I plan to be graduating at the end of this year however will be remaining in Canberra for the next few years after that as my partner is still at uni and doesn't really have plans to graduate any time soon... So, whilst I may be in full time work at the end of my term as Treasurer I am in no foreseeable danger of leaving the club mid term.

I will be playing the game in Winter and really hope to play in 2011 as well. During these games I will be aiming for more major awards. I do not see this to have any difference on me being Treasurer at the same time.

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Re: 2010 Election: Treasurer Applications

Postby grodgo1 » Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:25 pm

Name: Glenn Rodgers

Reason For Application:
I want to contribute further to the club that i love so much and wish to see it become a deeply ingrained part of the ANU community. I believe i can contribute an unbiased opinion on many matters within the club as i have not aligned myself to any squad and have experience in both the moderator and player aspects of the game.

Relevant Experience:
Game experience:
I have experienced both the player and moderator sides (including the NPC role of Sullivan in the last game) of the game which i believe will give me a broad outlook on many of the issues which may arise within and externally to the club.

Other club experience:
I have participated in many of the advertising events such as market day, I have also contributed photos to the documentation team and been a general dogs body for any other parts of the club and affiliated events.

Misc. Experience:
During high school I was a member of the schools Venturer unit, during my time in the unit I was successful in obtaining my queens scout award (for more info on this award please see the following link) http://www.scouts.com.au/main.asp?iStoryID=16453208
The queens scout award involved me;
[*]Attending several courses varying in purpose form development of leadership skills to development of the skills needed for the management of the unit. Many of which I believe can be applied to HvZ@ANU
[*]Contribution to the running of the unit through the roll of unit secretary and PR/documentation, both of which I believe may contribute to my understanding of what is needed within the different areas of our club.
[*] Organisation of various unit activities. One of the activities I organised was a 2 night hike, this involved preparation of paperwork, organisation of accommodation and transport, planning of the hike route and several other activities while in the region near the hike. I believe this experience in the various components of organising events will be useful in dealing with all aspects of game orgaisation
[*]As well as many other things all of which may contribute to my ability to fill this role

Plans and Ideologies:
See HvZ become a deeply ingrained part of the ANU community. Get greater involvement from the universities various colleges and the game allowed to be played within these college areas, contributing to a more total immersion in the spirit and paranoia of the game.

Extra Information:
I am in my second year (and therefore will be able to fill this role for the full term), studying a bachelor of science with my major landing somewhere in the region of biology, I am also currently taking Spanish for the shear joy of trying new things, the complete differentness (yes I realise this isn't a real word but it says what it needs to) from biology and my desire to travel in the future. I am a very fun loving person although I am able to take a tough stand where necessary and get things done. I am not particularly nerdy or athletic, though I try to keep a balance between them in my life and enjoy both of these aspects within the game of HvZ. I love meeting new people and am always willing to try my hand at new things.

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