2010 Election: President Applications

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2010 Election: President Applications

Postby Myles » Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:09 am

This is the thread for all nominations for the executive position of Club President.

The club president is the most important member of the executive. It is his/her role to ensure that the game is kept on the right track and that at all times the aims of the club are upheld. The final buck rests with the president and if anything goes wrong anywhere down the line it is in the end your fault. This role is a lot of hard work, but is of course also extremely rewarding. You must be willing to make a large time commitment if you apply to this role.

The Constitution wrote:7.10 Each member of the Executive has certain powers, responsibilities and jurisdictions. These will be as follows:
(a) The President has the following responsibilities:
(I) To ensure the spirit of the game is maintained;
(II) To ensure the game rules are relevant and up to date; and
(III) To ensure all documentation of the club is kept up to date.
Furthermore the President has the following powers:
(I) The President can make Executive Orders or judgments independently of the rest of the Executive (except as set out in section 7.5).
(II) The President can veto any decision that has been made below the level of the Executive (except as set out in section 9.10). Such a decision should be made known to the Executive after the fact.
(III) The President will be a trustee of the club in addition to two other trustees chosen by the president from willing executive members. If there are not enough willing executive members the president may choose trustees from other full members of the club.
(IV) The President has the power to fill any vacancy in the Executive of the Club that may occur between Annual General Meetings. The Executive must also vote in favour of the individual before the announcement is made public.
(V) The President has the power to choose the Moderators for the next game from the Moderator Pool. Such a choice must be made known to the Executive before being made public.
(VI) The President can vote as a member of the Executive.

Any full club member can apply to the executive role of the president and may also apply for other executive positions at the same time (but may only hold one position). It is generally suggested that all people applying for president also apply for at least one other position, if you are dedicated enough to be the president then you should be dedicated enough to hold another position as well.

This position runs from 1 week after elected until 1 week after the next election (in the next year) - thus you must be prepared to hold the position until halfway through first semester next year, you must be an ANU student for the duration of you holding the position.

Each candidate should post once using the following template:
Code: Select all
[u]Name:[/u] _____________

[u]Reason For Application:[/u]

[u]Relevant Experience:[/u]

[u]Plans and Ideologies:[/u]

[u]Extra Information:[/u]


Executive positions will be elected at the next AGM - which is currently looking like it will be sometime around the end of week 7.
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Re: 2010 Election: President Applications

Postby chrismelba » Sat Mar 20, 2010 12:39 pm

Name: Chris Carter

Reason For Application:
I am truly passionate about this club. As many of you will know, I was the squad leader for the "best squad" this game, Paranoia in Pajenkas. I do my very best to ensure that the game was as fun as possible for our members, and
for the rest of the players in general. I would like to give as much as I can to this club in the limited time I have remaining at uni.

Relevant Experience:
Leadership experience:
During '08/'09 I worked at Ford Geelong Stamping Operations as a project manager. I was wholly responsible for two seperate projects, and in charge of 5 and 8 people respectively. Both projects were a huge success which involved me being thanked by the plant manager for exceeding his expectations of a university undergraduate.

I am currently the project leader for the Formula SAE race team at ANU. This team consists of 23 4th year engineers. So far I have successfully lead them to come up with a project concept and project plan, and am optimistic about producing a good design for a race car.

Last game I ran the 55 deep that was Paranoia in Pajenkas. I believe we were quite well organised for such a large squad, we frequently had several teams out completing different objectives at the same time. I also did my best to coordinate the large human defensive. I was in contact with almost every squad at some point in the game, trying to lead and maneuver them to the best positions for themselves and humanity in general.

Club Experience:
For the summer 2010 game I was part of the marketing team. I was a very active member of the team, helping to design, order and proof the flyer. I also designed the facebook campaign which lead to a large number of website hits. I helped out all through O-Week on Monday and Wednesday distributing flyers and talking to people as well as helping to run the nerf wars we played on Thursday. I know most of the current executive quite well as well as the current games mods.

Financial Experience:
My experience with the financial side of things is more minimal than my leadership experience, though I have lived out of home for 2 years and not starved, so I guess that's something?

Plans and Ideologies:
I think much of the club is going in a very good direction. However there are a number of things that I believe could use work:

I would like to look at our marketing strategies, as I believe that nearly all the university now knows about us, we must now convince them that our game is fun enough for them to play. This will require a shift in tactics from our current approach.

I would also like to look at running either weekly or monthly nerf games. I realise our sister club (WGS) runs some on Sundays, but I believe these are not well attended by our members. I would like to find some ways of making these events seem more like a club event and worth attending by a larger number of our members.

I believe that much of the expenditure of the club for the most recent game was too directed at hardcore players (the GPS unit, the Radios etc) I would like to reign this in and redirect those funds to something that far more people can enjoy.

Finally, I would like to shift the focus of the end of game party away from being a movie night and more to being a traditional party. I would have to consult with far more of the club before making this decision, but it is my impression that at the end of game party I do not get the chance to chat with other members and relive the game as I would like. I believe a more informal setting than a lecture hall, and the possibility of adding alcohol would allow for an event where the players are more able to talk to each other, share stories and have a good time.

Extra Information:
This semester and next I am only enrolled in 3 classes. Next semester I am able to pick two electives to do which don't count towards my honors grade. I work a maximum of 5 hours per week, and have no other major projects other than my class work at the moment (no honors thesis for example). This will allow me a considerable amount of time to dedicate to the club and it's smooth operation.

Myles information states that an executive member must be an ANU student until after the AGM next year. Having read the constitution with a keen eye, it appears that this is not in fact the case. I will be able to serve out my term as president even as a non-player. However, there is a risk that I will have to resign early (as I graduate) as I will be applying for several out of state and out of country jobs that may require me to move. This is a large hole in my resume for this job as I may only be able to take the position for a short time.

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Re: 2010 Election: President Applications

Postby grodgo1 » Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:22 pm

Name: Glenn Rodgers

Reason For Application:
I want to contribute further to the club that I love so much and wish to see it become a deeply ingrained part of the ANU community. I believe I can contribute an unbiased opinion on many matters within the club as I have not aligned myself to any squad and have experience in both the moderator and player aspects of the game.

Relevant Experience:
Game experience:
I have experienced both the player and moderator sides (including the NPC role of Sullivan in the last game) of the game which i believe will give me a broad outlook on many of the issues which may arise within and externally to the club.

Other club experience:
I have participated in many of the advertising events such as market day, I have also contributed photos to the documentation team and been a general dogs body for any other parts of the club and affiliated events.

Misc. Experience:
During high school I was a member of the schools Venturer unit, during my time in the unit I was successful in obtaining my queens scout award (for more info on this award please see the following link) http://www.scouts.com.au/main.asp?iStoryID=16453208
The queens scout award involved me;
[*]Attending several courses varying in purpose form development of leadership skills to development of the skills needed for the management of the unit. Many of which I believe can be applied to HvZ@ANU
[*]Contribution to the running of the unit through the roll of unit secretary and PR/documentation, both of which I believe may contribute to my understanding of what is needed within the different areas of our club.
[*] Organisation of various unit activities. One of the activities I organised was a 2 night hike, this involved preparation of paperwork, organisation of accommodation and transport, planning of the hike route and several other activities while in the region near the hike. I believe this experience in the various components of organising events will be useful in dealing with all aspects of game orgaisation
[*]As well as many other things all of which may contribute to my ability to fill this role

Plans and Ideologies:
See HvZ become a deeply ingrained part of the ANU community. Get greater involvement from the universities various colleges and the game allowed to be played within these college areas, contributing to a more total immersion in the spirit and paranoia of the game.

Extra Information:
I am in my second year (and therefore will be able to fill this role for the full term), studying a bachelor of science with my major landing somewhere in the region of biology, I am also currently taking Spanish for the shear joy of trying new things, the complete differentness (yes I realise this isn't a real word but it says what it needs to) from biology and my desire to travel in the future. I am a very fun loving person although I am able to take a tough stand where necessary and get things done. I am not particularly nerdy or athletic, though I try to keep a balance between them in my life and enjoy both of these aspects within the game of HvZ. I love meeting new people and am always willing to try my hand at new things.

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