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What Are Companies?

Companies represent the new, positive direction of the club and is replacing the old Squad system. At its most basic level a Company is a loose group of individuals helping each other play the game in relaxed friendly way. Companies will allow you to play the game with a group of your friends in the way you like while introducing you to more players you may not have normally spoken to or interacted with in a closed squad. The goal of Companies is to foster a stronger, more inclusive HvZ community and remove the antisocial behaviour the squad system unfortunately generated.

Companies are not about changing the way you play the game. If you want to run solo for the game, in small groups or large formations you still can. We all play the game in different ways and for different reasons. Companies are not trying to change this. All we are trying to achieve with Companies is a friendlier atmosphere where everyone can have fun regardless of what group you belong to.

Under the Company system you are humans or zombies first and a Company member second. Playing your side, meeting people and having a good time take precedence over what Company you are from. Some friendly rivalry is encourage and will be sponsored through some missions and challenges but the main goal is for us all to go out and have fun.

How does a Company Work:

Members of a Company will be identified through a coloured wristband worn by everyone, Humans and Zombies. The main purpose of this wristband is to help players identify each other and to encourage players to meet everyone in their Company. The second purpose is to form teams in the aforementioned challenges and missions.

If you are having trouble meeting people or need any help talk to one of your Company Reps. These will be people in the Company to help you out with game issues and finding yourself in the game.

Each Company will be given its own board in the Human forums for players to communicate, plan and read game information. Gone are days when a few key players horded all the information, now everyone will be able to find out what is going on during the days and nights of HvZ. Zombie players will not be left out either and will be given their own Company threads in the Zombie forum to use if they want to organise through that.

The number of Companies we have each game may change due to our player base but for the current game there will be 4. For descriptions and backstories for the Companies in this game, please see the other thread

Being in a Company is compulsory, we want you all to meet each other. If you are having problems in your Company or with the game please talk to the Reps and the Mods and we will try to sort something out for you.

How do I play in a Company?

Exactly the way you would normally. Companies are not about telling you how to play the game or what tactics to use. If anything it’s about bringing them to light, letting others see how you play and encouraging them to try it out with you. Run in whatever size group you like from individuals to small teams and large formations. Be stealthy, stylish or just plain weird, we accept you all and we hope you will too. We will be acknowledging and rewarding Companies and the individuals within for the extra effort they go through to have fun create a better experience for everyone.

Remember that you are not limited to interacting with your own Company, go and play with everyone and see as much as the game as you like. Being turned into a Zombie is not the end of your Company life either, it’s only the beginning.

What are Company Reps?

Company Reps are enthusiastic players promoting the spirit of the game. They are there to introduce and new and old players to the game and each other. Company Reps will be helping to build some company spirit and prevent antisocial or inappropriate game play. These players are not necessarily your leaders just a point of contact between players. Please remember that these people are human, whether or not they are a Zombie, please treat them with respect. Feel free to contact the Reps of another Company if your own Company Rep is not available.

What about Awards:

Do not fear, awards will be back as usual with a few minor tweaks. Awards will now emphasise sportsmanship, teamwork and participation as well performance, play style, uniqueness and just plain awesomeness.

Awards will be handed out to individuals and Companies as a whole, of course we will recognise the groups within the Company who helped achieve the award. Details on awards will be released later but be don't be shocked if we get some under our hat until the last minute.


Q: Am I still a member of my Company as a Zombie?
A: Yes. Being a Zombie doesn’t stop you from being in your Company, talking to friends, meeting new ones, and having fun. Many current and past players would agree it makes it easier. As a Zombie you will still have the chance to participate in Company events and earning points for your Company.

Q: How can I be in a Company with my friends?

A: When you sign up you may pick 5 other friends to be with you. We will not split you from this core group. If you have more than 5 friends you may list a preference of other groups you would like to be placed in a company with as well. We will try to achieve as many of these requests as we can.

Q: How are Companies balanced?
A: There are a couple of ways we are trying to balance to Companies from asking experienced players to join each company and keeping numbers balanced. Different players also have different skill sets and make better Zombies than Humans or vice versa. A Zombie player still generates points for his or her Company so kills will not disadvantage one Company over others. Remember that at the end of the day we are all winners (How many times have the Zombies won?) the competition between Companies is some light hearted fun. Please believe in the moderators, they want it to be balanced more than you do.

Q: Are representatives company leaders?
A: No. You may follow whoever you like during the game. Don’t feel pressured to obey orders if you don’t want to, HvZ is about all our players having fun. That being said if you want to follow your Company Rep then go ahead. It’s all you choice.

Q: Who should I contact if I have a problem during the game?
A: Depending upon the problem either a Mod or your Company Rep. If in doubt please contact a Mod and we will direct you from there.

Q: Can I still play with my friends if they are in a different company?
A: Yes, Companies are about including people and not excluding them. You can play with anyone you like, your team comes before your Company so don’t be afraid to run around with different people not in your Company.

Q: Can groups within and between companies still get recognition for their actions and/or amazing fashion sense?
A: Yes, groups within a Company which go above and beyond and will be recognised for their actions. Also groups made from different Companies working towards the same goal will also be recognised.

Q: Why are companies compulsory?
A: Companies are compulsory to introduce all new and old players to all aspects of the game and each other. The system wouldn’t work if none of players were in them. You choose your level of involvement in the system, so you can get involved in your company or not, its up to you.

Q: Can I still play in a small group or as an individual?
A: Yes, please do. This contributes to your Company’s diversity of play style which is good and helps you win awards. Play the way you feel comfortable playing, the Company system is not going to change that.
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