Crazy Nerf Clearance sale!

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Crazy Nerf Clearance sale!

Postby verymildsuperpowers » Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:54 pm

Local pick-up in Canberra preferred. Items listed below.

2 v Vulcans, complete and with 4 belts - darts included (but not batteries) $80 ONO. ****SOLD***

Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire (rare!) no darts or batteries. Good condition $50. ****SOLD***

Nerf Dart Tag Speedload6 (rare!). *AR'ed*, no darts. Good condition $40.

Nerf Dart Tag Speedload6 (rare!). Stock, no darts. Good condition $30. ***SOLD***

Stampede. No bipod, shield or magazines. Stock. Batteries not included. $30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Original *BLUE* LongShot CS-6. No front gun or clips. AR'ed. Collectors item. Will consider swap for new in box AirZone Punisher or Powerstrike 48. Otherwise, make a SENSIBLE offer.

PM me or post reply if interested.


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