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Tell your stories here! Humans vs Zombies is an awesome game but people can't be everywhere at once. Chart your adventures and misadventures for others to see. Also show us your pictures and videos!

How To Use This Forum

Postby Myles » Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:25 am

This 'Tales of War' forum is set up to be a hub for you to share your experiences from the game. Telling stories about your events in HvZ is actually one of the most fun parts of the entire experience. By sharing stories in this forum you can have your story heard (or the story of your squad) and you can read the stories of others.

The best way to use this forum is to set up a single topic of your own and to fill it with your own posts. In your posts you can include anything from stories, retellings, videos, drawings, poems, photos, songs etc. Don't forget about our "youtube" tag which can be used and check out the guide on uploading photos to see which method is most suitable for you.

Each game we give out a "Bard Award" prize to the player who we thought did the best overall retelling of the story. To win this award you should try and post multiple types of media (for example stories supplemented with photos) and you should try and document consistently throughout the week. Doing super awesome and creative types of documentation will also get you lots of extra points. Documentation doesn't need to be limited to yourself, you are welcome to document other players or your squad (and if you document your squad they will gain bonus points towards squad prizes as a result).

We also have a new feature in this forum where "everyone" can rate topics through a star system (at the top of each topic). This allows you to essentially "vote" on which topics you think are some of the most interesting and exciting. (Please note that the bard award will in no way be influenced by this vote).

So get out there and document the game!
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